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Tarrytown Teen to Star in New Family Channel Sit-Com

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| by Elizabeth Nutig |

Simon Cadel is a sophomore at Sleepy Hollow High School.
Simon Cadel is a sophomore at Sleepy Hollow High School.

Watch out Judd Apatow, Demetri Martin and Patton Oswalt, because there’s a new kid in town. He’s funny, he’s dark, he’s witty, AND he’s only 15.

Simon Cadel is one of a kind, and is about to star in The Family Channel’s newest sitcom The Wonderful Wayneys.  A Tarrytown native and sophomore at Sleepy Hollow High School, his passion for performing started at age 12 at a comedy workshop in a Performing Arts Camp, where he performed his first set at the three-week program. Completely captivated with the feeling of confidence and self-expression comedy offered him, Cadel began taking classes and eventually began performing on Saturday nights at the New York Comedy Club. A bar mitzvah present of private lessons with comedy coach Scott Blakeman (who has coached the likes of comedians such as Jon Stewart) helped him polish up his voice, and then he was off.

Since then he has performed his self-written satirical songs and edgy routines at comedy clubs all over the continent including New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. But he is not stopping there. He auditioned for The Wonderful Wayneys via Skype, and soon he was on his way to depicting Emmett, the odd younger brother on the Modern Family-esque series. He is “The kid who means well, but whatever he does kind of ends up being a disaster.” Emmett’s parents include Molly Ringwald (Tempest, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink) and Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210), and his siblings are comprised of Luke Bilyk (Degrassi), Matthew Tissi (Call Me Fitz), Katie Douglas (Spooksville), and Jake Sim (Children Film Centre).

Cadel said that with acting comes a “sense of escapism” into the character, which he appreciates. His dream is to pursue both acting and comedy as well as to possibly write and direct (he recently got to co-write an episode of The Wonderful Wayneys!). He recently transferred to Sleepy Hollow High from The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. Just like any other teen, he will be balancing his school work with a handful of extracurricular activities, but for Cadel the mix of outside activities will include 8-10 hour shoot days. He considers his interests outside the realm of performing somewhat geeky: gaming, comics, watching movies and videos as well as writing short stories and scripts.

And what does he want his audience to take away from his work? “I know that when I get up on stage people look at me and they’re thinking “Oh crap, it’s some kid,” but then once I start performing and they see it’s not “kid jokes” they just start seeing me as a comedian,” he said.

Cadel’s stand-up and songs can be found on his website:, Facebook:, Twitter: and Youtube:

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