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“An independent free press has always been vitally important in America.  The large publishers have continued to merge, as a result there is less and less coverage of local issues.  That is why local, professional, newspapers like The Hudson Independent are so vitally important, more today than ever before.”

– Mayor Brian Smith, Irvington

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  • LOOK Cinemas Dobbs Ferry

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“Congratulations to The Hudson Independent on being awarded the Laurance S. Rockefeller Award.  The Hudson Independent has been a great local resource for insightful, unbiased news reportage.  I look forward to another ten years.”

– Mayor Ken Wray, Sleepy Hollow

“Tarrytown and its neighbors are extraordinarily fortunate to be served by a newspaper of the quality and integrity of The Hudson Independent.  Always adhering to true journalistic standards, the HI has repeatedly proved itself and continues to be an invaluable asset for all of our residents.  There can be no doubt that its coverage of and involvement in our community is a big part of what makes Tarrytown such a wonderful and special place.”

– Former Mayor Drew Fixell, Tarrytown


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