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Letters: Protected Bike Lanes are Needed

To the Editor: The article “Final Route 9 Bike Study Moving Ahead” said “bikers see cars as a dying form of transportation.” More accurately, we continually meet people tired of being forced to drive. Most streets lack sidewalks, and where they do exist, they’... More »


Letters – Greenburgh Seeks Competitive Bids on Website

To the Editor: Please be advised that the town posts RFPs for consultants, contractors on our website and that when we post proposals on the website ( we’re honestly seeking competitive bids. We don’t go into the bid process with favorites... More »


Support Harckham for State Senate

To the Editor: With the current Supreme Court make-up, I fear that Roe vs. Wade is threatened more than ever.  Since the 1973 decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to abortion, many states have passed restrictive laws that have made it nearly impossible for... More »


Letters – The Hudson Independent Delivers Quality Journalism

To the Editor: I moved to Kendal on Hudson from Brooklyn in late March and was immediately struck by the quality of The Hudson Independent.  Brooklyn also has a free newspaper (The Brooklyn Paper) with various editions offering “special” reporting on happening... More »


Letters – Health Issues Must Be Considered with Cell Towers

To the Editor: I read with interest your article in the October issue about the MTA cell tower that has been erected in Tarrytown. In addition to the safety and aesthetic issues cited by opponents of that particular tower, there are even more important health ... More »


Letters – Climate Change

To the Editor: I am writing to encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about climate change whether one is a denier or believer. Please consider that this issue is far more serious than we realize. The conservative British news magazine, The Economist,... More »


Letters – Outdoor Art Exhibit at New Bridge Would Be Nice Touch

To the Editor: Shortly after the governor announced plans to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge with a new bridge and to build a walkway for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy, I suggested an outdoor art museum be placed along the 3-mile walk. Recently, I spent a fe... More »


Letters – Story Gave Wrong Impression of Villa Nuits

To the Editor: I am writing to express my concern about the impression created by Barrett Seaman in his recent article regarding the Village of Irvington and Villa Nuits. I’m a photostudio owner in NYC and asked to host some friends for a weekend at Villa Nuit... More »


Letters – Quality of Life Should Enter Debate on Express Bus

To the Editor:  As someone who has lived both in South Nyack (for a number of years) and in Tarrytown (now), I have some thoughts on your front-page article (in May issue) “Where the Bus Stops Matters, Depending on Where You Live.” The debate over whether a bu... More »


Letters – Nita Lowey Responds | Irvington BOE Elections

Youth Voices are Powerful in Gun Violence Debate To the Editor: Thank you to the Irvington and Tarrytown high school students who spoke out in a letter to me regarding gun violence recently published in The Hudson Independent.  And thank you to the Irvington s... More »


Letters – Local Consignment

Dear Editor, I am the proprietress of a small business in Tarrytown called Trilogy Consignment. It’s a lovely place that makes me very proud. Owning a consignment shop is not only my vocation, it is a collaborative environmental effort with our ever-growing co... More »