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All Are Welcome to the Church of the Magdalene

To the Editor, Over the last 125 years Church of the Magdalene in Pocantico Hills has been home to dedicated pastors and devoted parishioners. Some have spent a lifetime in the parish; others perhaps just the length of a single Mass. All have been welcomed. An... More »


Thanks to Community for Supporting Dobbs Ferry Library

To the Editor: On behalf of the board of the Friends of the Dobbs Ferry Library, I would like to extend a huge “thank you” to our local community for its generosity and support in ensuring that our recent capital campaign was a complete success. The donations ... More »


Dangers of Potholes Should Be Addressed

To the Editor: Many NYS roads continue to be full of potholes and in desperate need of repaving. Unfortunately, NYS does not have adequate funds to repave roads in a timely manner or to promptly repair all potholes. A constituent of mine, Jeff Bogart of Hastin... More »


Thanks for Making River Spirit Music & Arts Festival a Success

To the Editor: We are grateful to all who made Hastings’ Second Annual Waterfront Concert Series and River Spirit Music & Arts Festival successful. With the continued support from Hastings’ Mayor Niki Armacost and Village Trustees, as well as our sponsors, adv... More »


Letters: Thanks for Keeping Politics Out of Medical Exam Room

To the Editor: I write in praise of our New York State government leaders. Where other states pass laws that force women to endure unnecessary pelvic exams (Missouri) and government-forced pregnancy (Alabama), our elected officials improve the health of New Yo... More »


Nightmare on Buckhout Street

To the Editor: Regarding Irvington Board of Trustees Round-Up, the latest Astorbuck plan is more “Nightmare on Buckhout Street” than Groundhog Day. The new plan in Astorbuck’s 10-year quest to re-zone a residential neighborhood to build a commercial parking lo... More »


Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Licensed to Drive

To the Editor, No matter what your position on immigration or undocumented immigrants, I urge you to consider the reality that all New Yorkers would be safer if undocumented immigrants were licensed to drive. There are nearly one million undocumented immigrant... More »


Letters – Con Ed Gas Moratorium is a Momentous Opportunity

To the Editor: We believe that the Con Ed gas moratorium is an opportunity, not a crisis (Con Ed Gas Moratorium, March issue). The real estate developers cited in your article view the moratorium as a crisis because they are depending on natural gas, which we ... More »


Letters – Time to Lobby for Equal Pay for Women

To the Editor: Collectively, women in New York State lose $17 billion due to the wage gap between men and women.  This gap starts at the beginning of a woman’s career and multiplies over time. Right out of college women experience a 7% pay gap as they are push... More »


Letters: Protected Bike Lanes are Needed

To the Editor: The article “Final Route 9 Bike Study Moving Ahead” said “bikers see cars as a dying form of transportation.” More accurately, we continually meet people tired of being forced to drive. Most streets lack sidewalks, and where they do exist, they’... More »


Letters – Greenburgh Seeks Competitive Bids on Website

To the Editor: Please be advised that the town posts RFPs for consultants, contractors on our website and that when we post proposals on the website ( we’re honestly seeking competitive bids. We don’t go into the bid process with favorites... More »