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Letters-to-the-Editor & Commentary

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Put a Bus Stop in Chauncey Square

An online petition started just last weekend calling for safety improvements at the crossing leading to the Chauncey Square shopping center, movie theater, hotel and apartments (Saw Mill River Parkway/Lawrence St.) has already been signed by over 1,000 people–... More »


A Warning to Speeders in Greenburgh

There is a lack of constant police presence on all roads in the region–state, county, local. It’s impossible to be on every street nonstop. I think this concept could encourage drivers to comply with the law. Paul Feiner The Town of Greenburgh now has a digita... More »

Show More Support For Sleepy Hollow’s Volunteers

As a long-time resident of Sleepy Hollow and a volunteer committed to making our Village a better place, I am upset to read the political statement published by United Sleepy Hollow candidate Matthew Presseau. With his statement and negative tone, he belittles... More »

Sleepy Hollow Should Move Elections to November

Letter to the editor of Hudson Independent Sleepy Hollow voters have a chance to decide during our upcoming March 19 election whether they want to move our annual Village elections from March to November, in addition to voting for three trustees out of a field... More »


Greenburgh Applies for a Rte. 119 Bike Land

The town of Greenburgh has submitted a grant to New York State that could lead to the construction of a bicycle/pedestrian path along Route 119 from the South County and North County trail to the Mario Cuomo bridge. If the grant is approved and if the path is ... More »

In Support of Local Journalism

The loss of three local weekly newspapers (the Scarsdale Inquirer, Rivertowns Enterprise and Bedford Review Record) is a setback for democracy. These  local publication provided area residents with important information about the community.  The  election cove... More »

Time to Move to Zero-Emission Trucks

Dear Editor, This spring, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies will finalize transportation pollution rules for light- and heavy-duty vehicles which will impact generations to come and help pave the way for a zero-emission vehicle fut... More »

pothole in road

The State Should Pay For Pothole Damages Sustained On Its Roads

This is pothole season.  If your car is damaged because you went over a pothole on a New York State-owned road  between November 15 through May 1 you are out of luck. If the same thing happened on a town, city or village owned road, you can get reimbursed, pro... More »

More Funding For Our Schools

Dear Editor, Budget season is in full swing, and I write to give readers of this publication some details on the process so far, as well as to encourage you to make yourselves heard during discussions. Following the Governor’s presentation of her budget propos... More »

AIPAC’s Money Is Not Welcome In CD-16

Despite the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 elections provided so much hope for those of us committed to building a more fair and just government that works for all Americans. Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump gave us a leader who actually resp... More »

Free Reflectors Available in Greenburgh

I read your report “Fatality on Broadway in Tarrytown Highlights Longstanding Risks for Pedestrians”.   I am not familiar with the reasons for the fatality but would like to remind readers that the Town of Greenburgh has been distributing free reflectors to re... More »

Don’t Change New York’s Election Calendar

Within the next few weeks Governor Hochul will have to decide whether to sign or veto legislation that would change the years when the County Executive, town officials run for office.  I urge her to veto the legislation. Currently these  elections are held in ... More »



GHOSTED: Ghosting means you are a piece of sheet By Krista Madsen– NOT A HAUNTING BUT A HOLLOWING There’s the movie from early 2023 no one probably saw with Ana de Armas having a fling with a regular looking guy and then abruptly going dark, unresponsive to hi... More »

Keep Neonics From Killing Our Birds

To the editor: One of the most exceptional aspects of living in the Rivertowns is the abundance of bird species that live in or migrate through the area – from red tailed hawk to heron to a multitude of songbirds. This makes the EPA’s recent assessment on neon... More »

Is this good leadership?

By Marty Dolan— The “Independent” Redistricting Commission (IRC) has requested comments on its plan for Congressional Redistricting by November 15th. Well – the IRC’s old-school gerrymandering and insider games calls for a lot of comments. First, why is Plan A... More »

Free Thanksgiving Meals Available

To the Editor:    Please invite neighbors, friends, relatives (or yourself) who are on fixed incomes to participate in a free Thanksgiving meal  at the Greenburgh Neighborhood Health Center (now called the Westchester Community Health Center) on Thanksgiving T... More »

Support The NY Heat Act

To the editor: I appreciated the excellent presentation of difficult choices in the commentary by Laura Burkhardt, “The Municipal Solid Waste Conundrum”(Oct. 1). The need to find climate-friendly solutions throughout our energy and waste systems presents polic... More »

Resources If You Are A Victim Of Hate Crime Or Discrimination

Many Muslim residents and Jewish residents are nervous because of the war in the Middle East, and worry the fear and animosity might carry over here. No matter what one’s views are regarding the Israeli-Palestinian war, we can’t discriminate against local resi... More »


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