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Tarrytown Advance Notice Requirement for Protests is Too Strict

To the Editor, Before I was elected to the Board of Legislators and Town Supervisor, I was a political activist. I organized many protests and rallies, and once the Greenburgh Police even threatened to arrest me for handing out questionnaires at the Hartsdale ... More »

In Support of Pete Harckham

Letter to the Editor: As a lifelong environmental educator and former member of Tarrytown’s Environmental Advisory Committee, I urge readers of this paper to support Senator Pete Harckham for NY State Senate.  Pete has been endorsed by Sierra Club as well as N... More »

Westchester Needs Mail-In Ballot Tracking

To the Editor: Thousands of Westchester voters will be casting their ballots for President of the United States for Congress and for State Legislative positions by absentee (mail-in) ballots.  With the postal service being very unreliable, voters have no way o... More »

In Praise of Mayor Fixell

Running a government looks easy when it’s well run. But, it takes lots of work and good talent. Tarrytown has been fortunate to have been served by a hard working, exceptionally talented and dedicated public servant, Drew Fixell who made governing look easy.  ... More »

To the Editor

Thank you for agreeing to set the record straight on the Trump Caravan Rally held this past Sunday, September 13, 2020 as written by Barrett Seaman for your publication. The organizer of the Rally was Mr. Javier Salton, not me as reported in the article. Mr. S... More »

A Need to Tighten the Reins on Utility Companies

To the Editor, With tropical storm Isaias now in the rearview mirror it is time for us, together, to move forward to ensure that we learn from this experience and avoid such prolonged outages in the future. While there are many reforms being discussed in our c... More »

An Easy Choice Among Many Difficult Ones

This fall, we’re facing a back-to-school season unlike any other. As a father and a husband of a teacher, it seems like there is no right choice for how to keep my family safe from COVID. Any decision we make, from childcare to returning to work, has some risk... More »

Why I’m voting for Biden—And Why You Should Too

A week ago, I went to grab lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We caught up about life, college, and of course, the pandemic. But after we got through those topics, our conversation shifted to politics. Obviously, we talked about Trump and his incomp... More »

Light Needed at Franklin and Broadway

To the Editor:   I am writing to you as a student and a concerned citizen of Tarrytown. I feel strongly there should be a light at the corner of Broadway and East Franklin Street in front of Washington Irving. If there is a light, it will make less work for th... More »

Indy Talks with Rivertowns Chamber

Thank you for the latest Indy Talks episode. Our Rivertowns surely do love their unique downtowns and small businesses, and many, including myself, have worried about the survival of the small businesses that populate these special community downtowns in this ... More »

We Need Mail-In Voting

To the Editor: COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our families, our economy, and our elections. But Congress has the power to intervene right now. In response to safety concerns and pressure from constituents like me, Congress has already passed limited funds to ex... More »

To the Editor

I am writing as a Tarrytown parent and as a concerned citizen. As you may know, the Sleepy Hollow school system has a newly approved budget to purchase new diesel buses to restore their aging fleet. I, and many of my neighbors, strongly urge the school to use ... More »

Mondaire Jones: An Ice Cream Cone and a Pony

Mondaire Jones seems to be a really good, really smart guy. In fact, I’d probably be happy to vote for him in about ten years. But right now he’s just not ready. You can see this just by looking at his website’s platform. Mondaire sees, correctly, there are a ... More »

Why You Should Vote for Evelyn

I am writing to strongly urge the voters of the 17th District to make Evelyn Farkas their Congresswoman. When I met Evelyn I felt immediately that she was exactly what America needs and very much lacks at this time. She is kind, smart, and strong, and not many... More »

Tom Abinanti Has Earned Your Vote

Tom Abinanti has ably and diligently represented the 92nd NY State Assembly District, which includes the river towns, since 2010. Unlike many politicians who become visible when elections near, Tom has been working hard throughout the ten years since his elect... More »

Vote for Mimi Rocah

To the Editor: I write to endorse Mimi Rocah for Westchester District Attorney.  I grew up in New Rochelle and returned to the County with my wife in 2010 to raise our children in Hastings-on-Hudson.  I care deeply about issues of justice and fairness in Westc... More »

An Open Letter to the Board of Elections,

As a candidate for Congress in New York’s 17th Congressional district, I have been dismayed by the lack of transparency and good information – and by the dissemination of misinformation —by the Board of Elections. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, an... More »

To the Editor

These are difficult times. Our nation is facing a growing number of challenges: diminished standing as a world leader; recovery from a pandemic and its economic upheaval; renewed struggles for social justice in the face of violence against Black Americans and ... More »

To The Editor

I am writing this letter, not only as a volunteer and supporter of Adam Schleifer but as a sister to someone with special needs.  When I first came into contact with Adam Schleifer’s campaign, I was most interested in his relationship with his brother, David, ... More »