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Indy Talks With Laura Rossi – Ep.18, Feb. 2020

Laura Rossi, Executive Director of the Westchester Community Foundation, explains the Foundation’s role as donor aggregator, distributor and supporter of the county’s non-profits and the people they help. More »

Andrea Stewart Cousins

Indy Talks With Andrea Stewart-Cousins – Ep.7, Jan. 2019

Indy Talks, the Hudson Independent’s monthly cable TV interview show this month features Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the new majority leader of the New York State Senate and arguably one of the three most powerful politicians in the state. She also represents our ... More »


Indy Talks With Dr. Gupta – Ep.6, Dec. 2018

Dobbs Ferry-based pediatrician Dr. Nitin Gupta has opened a “concierge” practice in which he charges a flat monthly fee and then makes himself available to his patients 24/7. More »