Tarrytown Merchants’ Council Sees Change in Leadership

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by Robert Kimmel

After eight years as Chair of the Tarrytown Merchants’ Council, longtime village resident and business owner Theresa McCarthy has stepped down from that role within the organization. A person familiar to village residents, former Mayor Paul Janos, has taken over leadership of the Council.

“Serving on the Council has been an incredibly rewarding experience enabling me to foster significant relationships in the village and to make lasting changes for the betterment of the business community,” McCarthy commented.

She had held the post since 2009. McCarthy said she took over as Chair at the urging of another local business leader, JoAnne Murray, whom she said, “I hold in high regard and consider my mentor regarding community leadership and service.” McCarthy was part owner, with David Starkey, of the Sweet Grass Grill on Main Street. Coincidently, they purchased the restaurant from Janos in 2008.

McCarthy stated she “especially enjoyed advocating for the merchants with the village administrator, the Building Department and the Village Board of Trustees. Michael Blau and recently, Richard Slingerland, new Village Administrator, have always taken the time to sit down with me and discuss various pressing concerns.”

While McCarthy is no longer Chair of the Council, she stated, “I am pleased to continue with my work on parking in the village to keep the positive momentum going and to see things through to completion.” She has had recent discussions with one of the owners of a large segment of the parking lot space behind CVS on Main Street, Edward Coco, Jr., and has reported that he is moving toward making the location more available to the general public, perhaps initially with valet parking.

During McCarthy’s tenure, there have been successful pursuits by the Merchants’ Council she said: “The Village Code was adapted regarding filming in the Village, including the recent raise in fees for productions. Outdoor Dining and Sandwich Board Permits were adapted to adjust fees and accommodate more months of outdoor dining; parking issues have been examined, and parking lots created.” She added that village signage has been posted in various locations; village beautification was extended to support flowering baskets along Main Street and Broadway; new holiday decorations were purchased and tree lights installed; and new garbage receptacles were placed throughout the village.

As for her successor Janos, McCarthy said, “His past connections with fellow merchants, his high profile in the village and his engaging people skills make him ideal for the role. I wish him as positive an experience as I have had and any support I can offer.” Janos was Tarrytown’s Mayor and a Trustee for a total of 10 years. His experience also includes real estate, and he has been in charge of marketing and sales at Hudson Harbor since its completion.

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