Study Recommends Re-Opening Broadway Ramp to New Bridge

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by Robert Kimmel – 

An analysis by an independent traffic consulting firm has recommended that the temporarily closed ramp to the new Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge on South Broadway in Tarrytown be re-opened. The report was under review this week by the village’s Board of Trustees which will decide whether or not to request that the New York Thruway Authority permanently close the northbound ramp.

The ramp used to access the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Thruway had been closed since March 2014 to facilitate the construction of the new bridge across the Hudson.

In making its recommendation, Simco Engineering of New York City took into consideration a variety of situations, “benefits and drawback,” including past studies, the comparison of existing traffic congestion and flow prior to and following Ramp E’s closing, both on South Broadway and the detour entrance off Rt. 119 to the Thruway, and the number of accidents that have occurred. Among its studies, it determined the amount of time required by southbound motorists on Broadway to reach the bridge via its detour as opposed to using the ramp; more than three minutes during the peak evening rush hours.

The study also analyzed a “Limited Access Only Scenario” suggested by the village, whereby the Broadway ramp would be opened only when there was severe traffic congestion in the vicinity and throughout the village. However, it stated, “In light of the impracticality of implementing the Limited Access Only Scenario,” it is recommended that Ramp E be reopened to traffic upon completion of the Tappan Zee Bridge as currently planned.

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