New Rivertowns Service: Fitness Equipment Repair

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by Barrett Seaman – 

Don’t you hate it when your elliptical machine breaks down and you can’t find the part needed to fix it? Not just individual fitness equipment owners but clubs, gyms and companies that offer their employees a way to work out on premises all need repair work done from time to time. Yet too often, parts are hard to find and the time it takes to get them shipped seems interminable.

Franklin Lee has just set up shop in Tarrytown to meet that need. His Fitness Machine Technicians franchise ( handles all kinds of equipment and maintains the contacts needed with manufacturers to get needed parts quickly. There are machines, he acknowledges, that are “out of support” (meaning they don’t make or service them anymore), but he plans to keep some inventory and, more important, has access to senior technicians at company headquarters his local technicians can consult.

The company behind Lee’s new service operates outside of Philadelphia. Founder Don Powers has been in the fitness equipment repair business since 2002. He has been in the exercise equipment business for over 30 years and has over 30 franchisees, including Lee’s. Every technician undergoes one to two weeks of training at headquarters. Lee, who used to be in the banking business, has one tech working for him now and is on the lookout for a second. All their work is done on-site where the equipment is.

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