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Irvington High School Celebrates Class of 2021

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June 23, 2021

By Rick Pezzullo—

Irvington High School celebrated its Class of 2021 graduates during an in-person commencement ceremony at Scenic Hudson Park on June 19.  Irvington High School Principal Juliet Gevargis-Mizimakoski welcomed the guests and honorees before seniors Josiah Acheampong and Chloe Edwards acknowledged Juneteenth with remarks and a poem reading.

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In her speech, Gevargis-Mizimakoski reflected on the past year that encouraged teachers and students to support one another in a new learning environment, demonstrating flexibility, perseverance and resilience.

“You have been through unprecedented times that began in your junior year and continued this year, and you have persevered like no other,” said Gevargis-Mizimakoski, addressing the graduates. “You have each learned so much during this time that will shape you as you move forward. We are so incredibly proud of your strength and resilience.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kristopher Harrison paid tribute to the students’ growth, achievements and experiences they’ve engaged in throughout their educational journey at Irvington.

“Remember what helped you to be successful and then be an agent of change,” Harrison said. “Lead with your heart, your mind, your conscience, be an example to others through your actions to not only advance your own goals but to benefit those around you.”

Students were also addressed by class president Grace Thybulle and co-valedictorians Henry Demarest and Esha Shenoy.

In her speech, Thybulle reflected on facing adversity, including a global pandemic and racial reckoning, and encouraged her classmates to deeply reflect on faults and consider what they can do in the future to create warm, welcoming environments grounded in respect and education.

Demarest expressed his gratitude towards teachers, administrators, coaches and family members for keeping them safe throughout the school year, providing them with different senior experiences and supporting them in all endeavors. He also reflected on the past four years of high school and his peers’ ability to confront and solve problems.

“As our Irvington High School Class of 2021 spreads out around the country, and even the world, we must hold onto our drive to solve problems and continue to tackle these big issues,” Demarest said. “Our society needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, regulate polluters and embrace renewable energy to reverse global warming before it’s too late. We need to combat income inequality, protect voting rights and support representation in places of power to ensure that everyone’s voice can be heard and is valued. In general, we need to create a just world where we respect our planet and each other.”

Shenoy described her fellow graduates as a group of perseverant, empathetic and courageous people who represent the strength of a community and are an indicator of brighter days ahead. She reflected on her peers’ successes in music, art, athletics and academics, as well as their commendable work in health care, community service and the fight for racial justice.

“To the Class of 2021, I leave with this: Don’t be afraid to branch out of what you currently limit yourself to be,” Shenoy said. “Have the courage to take that leap, and I guarantee you’ll go far.”


Irvington High School Class of 2021 Graduates


Acheampong, Josiah

Ackerman, Richard

Ahmed, Mohammed

Annicharico, Trevor

Arlotta, Emily

Aronson, Joshua

Arvelo, Cristal

Ashe, Alanna

Ballegeer, Jesse

Berger, Isabella

Besselman-Goldes, Aidan

Biaggi, Paul

Bjorgvinsson, Alexander

Brady, Grace

Brereton, Andrew

Bryant, Jacob

Burgos, Kayleen

Calick, Charlotte

Cephas, Shawn

Chalsen, Pearl

Cherimond, Shakira

Chester, Miriam

Christof, Michael

Cleary, Aine

Clinton, Brett

Cuff, Mary

Cusick, Jack

Daly, Killian J

Das, Anshuman

Demarest, Henry

Dhanoolal, Bobby K

Edme, Elisha A

Edwards, Chloe

Ellis, Skye

Enders, Tyrese

Firpo-Cappiello, Clara

Forte, Maxwell

Funakoshi, Akihiro

Gala, Sachi

Goldberg, Peter

Greene, Lara

Hanlon, Edward

Hanna, Kate R

Hanna, Ruby R

Harcsar, Chloe

Hart, Zachary

Haynes, Austin J

Joshi, Chinmay

Kerner, Jack

Kim, Justin

Kimura, Jamie

Kossowsky, Noah

Kostelny Nunez, Susan Elizabeth

Kroop, Jonathan

Kurland, Adam

Lee, Taylor

Levin, Leah

Levin, Nicholas

Lewis, Allister X

Lipinski, Luc

Logozio, Jessica

Lyubomirskaya, Allison

Macchia, Isabella

Madabhushi, Sahana

Maffucci, Ava

Manchanda, Anika

Mays, Clifford W

McClure, Aidan

McLaughlin, Katharine

Meaney, Brian

Mendoza, Joel

Mitchell, Odane S

Mizrachi, Kayla

Monness, Madeline

Moody, Jaleel

Mountroukas, Gianna

Moyer, Caleb

Musakadic, Benjamin

Musman, Rachel

Nutig, Samantha

O’Donnell, Sean

Oley, Liam

Pakola, Liam

Papapanou, Nicholas

Parsons, Alexis

Perrone, Sofia

Pollack, Jacqueline

Pragada, Manasa

Prendota, Oscar

Puri, Srikar

Rafique, Aiden

Regal, Sophia

Reilly, Devin

Richardson, Shelby

Rosenberg, Allie

Rothman, Lauren

Sabatino, Frances

Sanchez, James

Sang, Alicia

Schiller, David

Schochet, Alexander

Schoenfarber, Samantha

Schutz, Milo

Schwam, Ian

Scott, Camryn

Segre, Julia

Shaukat, Rasikh

Shenoy, Esha

Shimizu, Junnan

Shpati, Alissa

Simbana, Ariela

Smith, Thomas J

Sonenshine, Natasha

Song, Yoseop Joseph

Soto, Morgan

Stein, Jacob D

Striano, Brandon M

Talty, Benjamin P

Tatananni, Justin

Taubenfeld, Zachary L

Taylor, Sean

Thaker, Eesha

Thomas, Jared S

Thybulle, Grace

Tomita, Aeka

Ulrich, Karina

Varon, Derek

Vazquez, Andrew

Vincent, Connor

Wang, Xiyu

Waters, Hannah

Wiles, Horace

Yin, Noah

Yun, Chaeil

Zandel, Antonia

Zukerman, Laila

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