Friends of the RiverWalk Improve Tarrytown’s Park

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by Linda Viertel – 

Every month, from April through October, volunteers from Friends of the RiverWalk (FRW), rivertown and Education First (EF) students, families and many residents volunteer to pull weeds, pick up trash, prune and generally take time on the river to care for their community park. This additional work has helped Cedar Hills Landscapers and Tarrytown’s Parks Foreman, Anthony Ross, together with parks employees, keep the RiverWalk a vibrant outdoor site in every season.

In addition to the Friends of the RiverWalk’s volunteerism, the organization was able to obtain a $60,000 grant from the Pew Charitable Trust, thanks to Kathryn W. Davis’ generosity, her love of the Hudson River and the Davis family’s ongoing philanthropic commitment to their rivertowns. Their donations over the past five years, which ended in June, have contributed the following amenities to Tarrytown’s RiverWalk Park:

  • The courtesy/botanical signs displayed in the beds throughout the RiverWalk.
  • The Message Center sign east of the spiral Overlook at the end of West Main Street.
  • Six tables with attached seats.
  • An additional viewscope dedicated to Kathryn W. Davis on the fishing pier.
  • The repair and extension of the irrigation system.
  • A contribution of $10K towards security cameras for the RiverWalk.
  • The purchase of the RiverWalk plant database that can be accessed with the QR code on the courtesy/botanical signs or on the Friends of the RiverWalk Tarrytown website. Enjoy that flower? Now you can know what it is! FRW is also adding databases for trees, animals, and insects as well as plants.
  • The last donation is in: the installation of two formal wayfairing signs at the corner of Green Street and West Main directing visitors to the Tarrytown waterfront parks and businesses.

Please visit: for more information about Friends of the RiverWalk – Tarrytown.

To help support the conservancy’s efforts, elegantly designed FRW T-shirts are now on sale, with short and long sleeve styles available in S-M-L-XL. The price is $15 for the short sleeve and $20 for the long sleeve.  Payment can be made online through the FRW website with any credit card or cash on workdays and are contributions to Friends of the RiverWalk Tarrytown.

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