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Letters – Thanks to Community for Supporting TEDxTarrytown

To the Editor, I want to thank our wonderful rivertowns community for supporting the TEDxTarrytown event held on October 22, 2017 at the Irvington Town Hall Theater. We had 8 wonderful speakers: Ethan Schutz, Irvington, Jennifer Walford, Yonkers, Hugh Locke, O... More »

Say No to Climate Change

To the Editor, Climate change is one of the single biggest threats to our environment, our public health, and our economy. Pumping carbon and methane emissions into the atmosphere is accelerating climate change and is responsible for more extreme weather.  New... More »

Bikeway/Walkway on New Bridge Should be Named for Seeger

To the Editor: Last month the NYS Legislature voted to rename the Tappan Zee bridge after Mario Cuomo. I believe the Legislature should also consider naming the new bikeway/walkway on the bridge for Pete Seeger–the folksinger and environmental activist who wor... More »

Letters – Thanks to Community for Support in Time of Need

Dear Tarrytown Friends, I am writing this letter on first day of summer and I do not have to tell you how that date beats in the hearts of every parent and child out there. I wanted to get this to you before you all started your well deserved summer vacations ... More »

Letters to the Editor – Sensitivity of Article was Appreciated

To the Editor: Thank you for the compelling and sensitively written article about the passing of Tyler Rosenberg. Barrett Seaman did a very good job of portraying the drama of the day, the heartache of Tyler’s family and friends, and most of all the personalit... More »

Networking Group of College Graduates Being Formed in Greenburgh

To the Editor: During the summer I had the chance to chat with some recent college graduates who still can’t find work. It’s frustrating to have a degree from a two year or four-year college, to have spent tens of thousands of dollars (or over six figures) get... More »