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Letters – Health Issues Must Be Considered with Cell Towers

To the Editor: I read with interest your article in the October issue about the MTA cell tower that has been erected in Tarrytown. In addition to the safety and aesthetic issues cited by opponents of that particular tower, there are even more important health ... More »


Letters – Climate Change

To the Editor: I am writing to encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about climate change whether one is a denier or believer. Please consider that this issue is far more serious than we realize. The conservative British news magazine, The Economist,... More »


Letters – Outdoor Art Exhibit at New Bridge Would Be Nice Touch

To the Editor: Shortly after the governor announced plans to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge with a new bridge and to build a walkway for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy, I suggested an outdoor art museum be placed along the 3-mile walk. Recently, I spent a fe... More »


Letters – Story Gave Wrong Impression of Villa Nuits

To the Editor: I am writing to express my concern about the impression created by Barrett Seaman in his recent article regarding the Village of Irvington and Villa Nuits. I’m a photostudio owner in NYC and asked to host some friends for a weekend at Villa Nuit... More »


Letters – Quality of Life Should Enter Debate on Express Bus

To the Editor:  As someone who has lived both in South Nyack (for a number of years) and in Tarrytown (now), I have some thoughts on your front-page article (in May issue) “Where the Bus Stops Matters, Depending on Where You Live.” The debate over whether a bu... More »


Letters – Nita Lowey Responds | Irvington BOE Elections

Youth Voices are Powerful in Gun Violence Debate To the Editor: Thank you to the Irvington and Tarrytown high school students who spoke out in a letter to me regarding gun violence recently published in The Hudson Independent.  And thank you to the Irvington s... More »


Letters – Local Consignment

Dear Editor, I am the proprietress of a small business in Tarrytown called Trilogy Consignment. It’s a lovely place that makes me very proud. Owning a consignment shop is not only my vocation, it is a collaborative environmental effort with our ever-growing co... More »


Letters – Re:  Point/Counterpoint on Broadway Bike Lanes

Editor Hudson Independent February 1, 2018 Re:  Point/Counterpoint on Broadway Bike Lanes Mr. Convissor’s article in favor of bike lanes on the Broadway-Route 9 corridor requires clarification and revision.  We can start in the second paragraph when he states ... More »

Letters – Article on SALT Deduction was Misleading

To the Editor: Your lead article in January’s edition is misleading in one important respect. While it is true that the limitation of the SALT deduction to $10,000 disproportionately affects high-income taxpayers in high tax states, like New York, New Jersey a... More »


Letters – Don’t Shed a Tear for Governor Cuomo on Bridge

To the Editor: Don’t shed a tear for Governor Cuomo complaining about a petition against naming the bridge for his late father Mario Cuomo.  Motorists and taxpayers are more concerned about how Governor Cuomo will find $2.6 billion outstanding balance of $3.9 ... More »


Letters – Goals for Greenburgh for 2018

 To the Editor: Thank you to the river villages of Irvington and Tarrytown for re-electing me as Greenburgh Town Supervisor. On election day I received 17,482 votes and am most appreciative.  The time to celebrate is now over. We’re proud of our Aaa bond ratin... More »

Letters – Thanks to Community for Supporting TEDxTarrytown

To the Editor, I want to thank our wonderful rivertowns community for supporting the TEDxTarrytown event held on October 22, 2017 at the Irvington Town Hall Theater. We had 8 wonderful speakers: Ethan Schutz, Irvington, Jennifer Walford, Yonkers, Hugh Locke, O... More »

Say No to Climate Change

To the Editor, Climate change is one of the single biggest threats to our environment, our public health, and our economy. Pumping carbon and methane emissions into the atmosphere is accelerating climate change and is responsible for more extreme weather.  New... More »

Bikeway/Walkway on New Bridge Should be Named for Seeger

To the Editor: Last month the NYS Legislature voted to rename the Tappan Zee bridge after Mario Cuomo. I believe the Legislature should also consider naming the new bikeway/walkway on the bridge for Pete Seeger–the folksinger and environmental activist who wor... More »

Letters – Thanks to Community for Support in Time of Need

Dear Tarrytown Friends, I am writing this letter on first day of summer and I do not have to tell you how that date beats in the hearts of every parent and child out there. I wanted to get this to you before you all started your well deserved summer vacations ... More »