Networking Group of College Graduates Being Formed in Greenburgh

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To the Editor:

During the summer I had the chance to chat with some recent college graduates who
still can’t find work. It’s frustrating to have a degree from a two year or four-year college,
to have spent tens of thousands of dollars (or over six figures) getting a degree and then
to have no job.

I’m forming a networking group of recent college graduates. This group will meet,
exchange ideas about employment opportunities and strategies and reach out to some
possible employers and people who could help them land a job. If your son or daughter
recently graduated college and if they are still out of work, please encourage them to
contact me. My email is

This initiative is a follow up to an effort I started over six years ago when I formed a job
club. Over 300 people have found work as a result of this effort. I hope we will be able
to help recent college graduates find meaningful job opportunities and will also invite
recent graduates who have some time to volunteer their time –helping to organize this

Don’t get discouraged!

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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