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Main Street Atelier – A Cool New School in Tarrytown

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by Elaine Marranzano – 

An atelier is a workshop for artists that is basically a studio. Now two Tarrytown residents have opened their own atelier and are welcoming students who want to learn the fine art of drawing and painting figures, portraits and still life.

Founded by Emily Denise and Camie Isabella Salaz, Main Street Atelier is located at 47 & ¾ Main Street, Tarrytown, an almost secret address (the entrance is via North Washington Street) evoking something out of Harry Potter.

“Our tucked-away location has sort of a magical feel,” said Denise. “We were looking at corporate office space but we ended up in a much bigger, cooler space.”

Denise and Salaz met at the Grand Central Atelier where Salaz was an instructor and Denise was a student. Salaz began her technical training at 16 and completed it in New York City under Classical Painter Jacob Collins 10 years later. Denise, a 2013 Sleepy Hollow High School graduate, received rigorous training in figurative drawing and painting.

Ateliers differ from university-based art education in that they are not accredited.

“You don’t go there for a degree, you go there for the skill,” said Denise. “Studying at an atelier is more like a full-time job focused on developing your own skill at your own pace.”

Main Street Atelier offers courses which include eight three-hour classes for $350 for groups of four to seven students. An after-school program for kids is available for $20 per session with advance registration. The studio’s official opening was in November, but it has already had a successful fall semester and has several full-time students.

“The response has been fantastic,” said Denise. “People are so excited that they can do this in their town.”

Contact and learn more about Main Street Atelier at

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