Letters – Thanks to Community for Support in Time of Need

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Dear Tarrytown Friends,

I am writing this letter on first day of summer and I do not have to tell you how that date beats in the hearts of every parent and child out there. I wanted to get this to you before you all started your well deserved summer vacations and all the activities that the season brings.

As many of you may know, my husband Dan Moriarty passed away a few weeks ago after a two-year battle with depression. His passing leaves behind a ripple effect the likes of which I never expected to see. The cards, letters, meals, and well wishes overwhelm me when I consider it on the large scale. You have all sealed a place in my heart forever and if I live to be 100, I could never be able to repay your generosity.

These past two weeks have presented a very steep learning curve for me and the kids. As I told many of you at the services, God tore up the plan book on this one and is asking us all to trust ourselves to rewrite it. So what I learned so far….?

I learned that God writes in crooked lines. We have no idea what he is adding to our life story or the meaning behind the actions. Nor will we until we live the experience and He unfolds the story in its entirety to be clearly understood. I must trust that he is working on a best seller here!

I learned that Mr. Rogers was a genius….he wrote once that if and when tragedy strikes, we should all look to the helpers in the moment. I took his advice these past few weeks and I am humbled by the overwhelming outpouring of love and help shown to me and my children. Your support is palpable even at great distance. I love you all for your strength and remembrance of Dan as the man who provided the soundtrack to all the experiences, big and small that life offered.

I learned that small is a relative term…. As a teacher and mom to my four kids, when things went awry in the classroom or at the breakfast table. I would joke tell the kids that I was Judge and Jury, I was the mama bear and I was in charge. They would laugh, argue or agree (Then they would go and do exactly what THEY had planned in the first place). My world was small, controlled and predictable; I love it that way and I am so grateful to have you all sharing it with me. You all taught me a valuable math lesson…

One small town + one collective heart = healing.

I learned to say “thank you” instead of “I got this.” To assume that I can handle everything with a simple “I got this” is to sound rather like a self proclaimed superhero and in some way diminishes the person offering the help. Well for sure I am no superhero…(Just ask my kids!) I do thank each and every one of you for picking up the pieces and helping me through this dark time in my life. YOU ARE THE SUPERHEROES!

Finally, I learned that we are all who we are in the eyes of others. Dan and I would always send notes to each other and sign them in stick figures not names. These would convey more than any words could. A dear friend did what is in my opinion a true act of kindness in clearing up Dan’s workspace so as to save me the pain of doing so. She came across one of these drawings that he made on a post-it; Toothy smile, Curly Hair and glasses. Above the drawing was the statement “Remember this guy!” So we are all tasked with doing just that. Remember Dan, his music, his wry sense of humor and ability to look at the parade of life and provide the soundtrack. Thank you all!


Mary, Danny, Peter, Chris and Cecelia Moriarty
Tarrytown (The Greatest Place on Earth)

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