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Irvington High School Celebrates Class of 2022

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June 22, 2022

Irvington High School celebrated its Class of 2022 during a commencement ceremony at Matthiessen Park on June 18.

Acting Principal Michelleann DeFilippis welcomed the guests and honorees. In her speech, she reminded the graduates that what they do matters.

“All the learning in the world is meaningless unless it’s put into action,” DeFilippis said. “Action that makes our world a better place for all. Take a deep breath, look around and find a way to be of service to another person. Take action when you see injustice, no matter how big or small. Never stop caring no matter how bleak the news of the world may seem.”

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Students were also addressed by class president Thomas Flanagan and co-valedictorians Joshua Chang and Alexander Lee.

In his remarks, Chang expressed his fascination for weather and its unpredictability and compared it to life in general. He encouraged his classmates to have the power to revel in the uncertainty.

“Despite the routines, [life] is endlessly complex and difficult to predict,” he said. “But that is what makes it fun; that is what makes it exhilarating. We are going to remember the times when things didn’t go as planned, when we tried something new or met someone new or went somewhere new and didn’t know what to expect. Those moments – they are what we live for. They are the moments that make us happy and fulfilled and help us learn and grow.”

In his address, Lee celebrated his peers’ accomplishments from art to athletics, from music to science research. As they embark on their journey, he encouraged them to explore new terrains, get out of their comfort zones and to never suppress their curiosity out of fear.

“Our diverse accomplishments prove that we are inquisitive thinkers by nature, curious about the world around us,” Lee said. “As we turn the page and begin to write the next chapter of our lives, I hope that that curiosity continues to guide our narrative. Replace judgment with curiosity, and there will be no limit to what we may learn. And if there is no limit to what we may learn, there certainly is no limit to what we may become.”

The following is a list of all the graduates in the Class of 2022:

Lauren Patricia Allan

Rezart Baliaj

Chloe Banino

Gabriela Nicolau Barreto

Maria Teresa Bazdekis

Marta Bazdekis

Claudia Beasley

Nasir Becerril

Amanda Berg

Samantha Berg

Marcus Berichi

Zoe Biaggi

Sydney Birkhahn

Eadin M. Block

Hannah Skye Bosshart

Oscar Bowring

Isaiah Boyles

Marco G. Buglione

Andi Bushati

Amani Campbell

Joseph Campos

John Carron

James Cecere

Lila Cerrito

Joshua Chang

Daniel Antonio Cordero Gonzalez

Andrew D’Aiello

Michael D’Alessio

Tess A. Davidowitz

Matthew Davies

Arjan Delija

Joseph DeLuca

Natasha Marina DePaoli

Jabari Domingo

Alexandra E. Downes

Josephine Dring

Brooke Dunefsky

Luke Fante

Tighe Farrell

Thomas Flanagan

Dor Frechter

Walter Fried

Kira Gabriel

Sara Gavagan


Amanda Gilbert

Lucas Gilbert

James Tighe Gilligan

Masaki Goda

Rudolf Gouchoe

Lilian Grados

Mark Grande

Danielle Gray

Sophia Grieder

Briana Hairston

Dylan Harrison

Danielle Heller

Sawyer Hershman

Aliya Huprikar

Lucas Jacoby

Alanna Anelia Sky Jarrett

Karli Johnn

Nicolas Josserand

Emelyn Juenger

Shannon Kelly

Melissa Kim

Clayton Kirgan

Harrison Krieg

Anosuya Kundu

Evan Kuo

Ariel Lau

Katherine LeBuhn

Alexander Lee

Samantha Levin

Zachary Levitan

Mahira Zasha Lewis

Jay Liman

Monica Ljuljdjurovic

Jack Lobel

Liam Lyons

Julian Mack

Eliav Malone

Aviv Markus

Junior A. Martes

Iain Hamilton McGiffin

Kevin McLaughlin

Mitchell Milun

Ryder Mollo

Lucas Monness

Sydney Monness

Domenic Morabito


Adam T. Moskal

Isabella Moyer

Grace Elizabeth Murray

Elianna Nadasi

Jake Ourman

Trinity Pagan

Ethan Pakola

Samantha Pateman

Abigail Polito

Francesca Racanelli

Marcel Ramos-Roux

Ella Rimland

Justin Rodnick

Sophie Rofe

Jenna Ruffler

Nicolas Savino

Liam Sawian

Zachary Schiffman

Mason S. Schimmel

Ditmar Seci

Max Shevrin

Justin Sims

Leanna Khutrina Singh

Mickele Sivere

Trent Snyder

Kaitlyn Sollecito

Rahul Srivastava

Danielle Stassa

Trevor Stern

Rebecca Strauss

Devin Topman

Hannah Tuckett

Lucas Turano

Yamilet Ulerio

Leo Van Osdol

Victor Vyssotski

Eva Waguespack

Daniel Wahnon

Matthew Weidler

Scarlett Whitney

Reinesse Wong

Hannah Emily Ziluck

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