Woman Charged with Four Counts in Irvington Restaurant Murder

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by Barrett Seaman – 

Rosa Ramirez, the pregnant 27-year-old woman arrested for the April 10 murder of River City Grille prep chef Bonafacio “Boney” Rodriguez, was formally charged May 25 in Westchester Criminal Court with four counts, including Second Degree Murder. Additionally, she was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one of second-degree menacing. She was remanded to county jail without bail.

Ramirez, who lives in lower Manhattan, had been employed as a dishwasher for less than two weeks when she attacked Rodriguez. The two other restaurant employees present at the time were not in the kitchen when the attack took place, although one tried to intervene before being threatened by Ramirez, according to court records.

Since her arrest, it has been learned that Ramirez had been charged last fall with attacking a man in Brooklyn, a roommate of her boyfriend, with a knife. Court documents reveal that she told police in Westchester that she often felt angry and had suffered a “psychotic break” before attacking Rodriguez. Court records also suggest that she believed she was acting in self-defense when she attacked Rodriguez. She is due to appear again in court on June 5.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe campaign launched by restaurant owner Bobby Manzi, with a goal of $25,000 to help defray the cost of shipping Rodriquez’ body back to Mexico and otherwise support the family, has already surpassed $29,000.

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