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When Will Dobbs Ferry’s Gould Park Pool Re-Open? With Any Luck, This Month

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by Barrett Seaman – 

What a time not to have the public pool open! Heat wave indices surpassing 100 degrees; Con Ed robocalls warning of possible power outages due to air-conditioning-driven power surges; kids out of school with time on their hands.

That would seem to be a formula for a village uprising—at least by teenagers. And yet, despite having the village’s pool at Gould Park closed while being rebuilt, the natives have not been too restless while awaiting an opening day that was supposed to have been last month.

Several mitigating factors have helped keep the lid on: neighboring Hastings-on-Hudson came to the rescue, first by taking in the Dobbs Ferry summer campers at its Chemka Pool and then by allowing some 60 Dobbs Ferry families to join the Hastings pool as temporary members. Then, after being closed down for shoddy construction work, the county’s Sprain Ridge Pool opened up at the beginning of July, providing relief, especially for teenagers with access to cars.

The rebuilding of the Gould Park pool began in April—already on the late side for a summer opening. When digging commenced, an uncharted gas pipe was discovered, which required the involvement of Con Ed. On top of that, weather in the form of periodic rain deluges forced workers to shut the project down and deal with flooding on the site. Murphy’s Law notwithstanding, the road to completion appears relatively smooth, allowing Mayor Bob McLoughlin to cautiously predict a mid-August opening. “I’m looking forward to diving in on opening day,” says the mayor.

The village plans to keep the pool open in September to make up for the delay—and repay the patience of village residents.

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