“What Businesses Would You Like to See Open In the Local Villages?”

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| by Alexa Brandenberg |

IP-AnnaAnna Kropp
Sleepy Hollow
“I’d like a contemporary flower shop that would have plants, pots, candles, and other decorative items in addition to loose flowers.”







IP-ArmandoArmando Gonzales, 42
Works in Irvington
“This is a spot for great dining but I’m always looking for a lower cost alternative for lunch.”







IP-BonnieBonnie Rofe
“A great bagel place for my family, and I would love more places that offer healthy choices like chopped salads and gluten free options.”






IP-JoelleJoelle Herbert, 17
“I would like to see more thrift shops, and more affordable rec centers with dance studios.  Many of my friends have to go out of state to afford them.”






IP-JohnnyJohnny Cobe, 23
“I feel like they have most of the stuff I need.  They have bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and the gym at the Y is new and improved.”

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