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Irvington Spelling Bee Champions

(L to R:) Main Street 4th grade Spelling Bee winner Chunghyun Kawata, runner-up Jordana Laks

Main Street School hosted its 11th annual Spelling Bee championship for fourth- and fifth-graders on Jan. 10. A total of 83 fourth-graders and 93 fifth-graders participated in the pre-bee qualifying round, which took place on Dec. 19. The students were provided with an overview of the competition and a list of approximately 500 target words prior to the written pre-bee test. The top scorers from each grade – 22 fourth-graders and 24 fifth-graders – were named finalists and earned a spot in the schoolwide spelling bee competition. After 10 rounds, the fourth-grade winning title went to Chunghyun Kawata, while Jordana Laks was named runner-up. The winner of the fifth-grade Spelling Bee, which lasted for seven rounds, was Shalin Chang, while Wilson Lark was named runner-up. “Congratulations to our winners and runners-up,” Chapnick said. “A special thank-you to the PTSA for sponsoring the event.”

5th grade Spelling Bee winner Shalin Chang, runner-up Wilson Lark.

Elizabeth Mascia Childcare Center Celebrates 50 Years

WatercoolerThe childcare center, located on Sheldon Avenue in Tarrytown, was founded in 1967 by Elizabeth Libby Scarborough Mascia.  It was originally called the Day Care Center of the Tarrytowns and was later renamed the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center in her honor. Ms. Mascia dedicated herself to securing educational opportunities for all children and was committed to sharing with others her firm commitment that everyone is a person of value. She had a passion for giving back to her community and was an active supporter of numerous organizations, charities, and philanthropic endeavors in Westchester County. The 50-year-old Center has vitally impacted the lives of generations of families and provided peace of mind and generous support to working families and will continue to do so for many years to come. For more information about the Center go to http://www.masciachildcare.org/.

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