Unopposed Incumbent Tarrytown Trustees Ready for Challenges Ahead

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by Rick Pezzullo – 

Seven-term Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell heads a Democratic Committee-endorsed team of four running unopposed on November 5 for four seats on the Village Board of Trustees.

Fixell, an executive of a family-owned financial investment firm, who holds economic degrees from Harvard and Cornell universities, has been a fixture in village government since 2000, serving five years as a trustee before being elected mayor–a post he has held for the last 14 years.

“I’m extremely proud of all we’ve accomplished over the last 14 years, yet I still look forward to helping make Tarrytown an even better place to live and work,” Fixell said. “Over the next two years, I’m hoping to continue our unbroken record of keeping within the tax cap while at the same time improving and increasing the quality and sustainability of the services and facilities we provide to our residents.”

“I’m particularly excited about completing the rezoning of the waterfront/train station area, continuing to enhance our recreation programs and parks, and finding new ways to support and boost the vibrancy of our downtown,” he added.

Joining Fixell on the ballot this year are incumbent trustees Deputy Mayor Tom Butler, Becky McGovern (Ind.) and Doug Zollo (Ind.), along with incumbent Village Justice Kyle McGovern, who has been on the bench for 14 years.

Butler, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and Project Manager for Tishman Corporation/AECOM, has served the last three years as deputy mayor. Butler is the liaison to the Planning and Architectural Review boards and the Building Department and is seeking an eighth two-year term on the board.

“I look forward to continue leading the ‘Tarrytown Connected’ project team in the next phase of development; and working with my BOT colleagues on improving the village’s quality of life, enhance services, and create new revenue sources,” Butler stated.

In a new term, Butler is looking to focus on solving the parking problem for the downtown area, especially as the Music Hall grows in popularity and restaurant row on Main Street expands; sharing services with neighboring Sleepy Hollow and Irvington; and seeing the success of Tarrytown-Connected, a framework for the Tarrytown train station area and waterfront, and the growth of the Main Street/Broadway business district.

McGovern, a retired teacher, is running for a seventh term. She is the liaison to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Village Seniors.

“First let me start off by saying it has been an honor and privilege to have been a Tarrytown Village Trustee for the past 12 years,” she said. “I would very much like to continue my work, and I am asking the people of Tarrytown to give me at least two more years to continue in that role. I have spent the last 12 years working as a village liaison to the Parks and Recreation departments, our incredible senior citizen group, The Traffic and Safety committees, The Tarrytown Municipal Housing Authority, the Comprehensive Plan Zoning Committee as well as work on the Library budget board. With these positions my knowledge of the village code, village policies and budget formation has increased dramatically.”

“Tarrytown is a ‘happening’ place to live and spend time in. Over the past few years we have been able to find funding for a new recreation/fitness/swimming pool facility for the village. We have upgraded the lights at Losee Park and have provided much needed rehabilitation to the ballfields located there. We have improved and introduced new recreation programming, including yoga, Pilates, water aerobics and extensive youth and adult tennis programs. Pickle ball will be coming next spring!” she said.

“Of course, there is more work to do and projects to finish. There will be continued work on the waterfront development and the continuation of the RiverWalk, there will be continued work and oversight on the revitalization of our already bustling downtown, including procuring more parking. I would like to continue to bring my experience, talents and enthusiasm to continue to make Tarrytown the incredible community it is to live in,” McGovern added.

Zollo has been a trustee since 2005, after serving a previous two-year term from 1999-2000, and is the liaison to the Police and Fire departments.

“While holding down taxes, after servicing contractual obligations, there is little money left for much needed infrastructure repairs. Reducing debt and generating revenue for discretionary spending on items such as sidewalk repairs, upgrading cross- walks, etc. is a main focus of mine,” Zollo said. “With our diverse population, I am very aware of social justice and immigration issues that plague our country. I am confident that Tarrytown has always been, and will continue to be, a safe and secure haven for all of our residents.”

“I am conscious of the environment. Sustainability and energy policies affect climate change which is both a national and local challenge that we all face,” Zollo continued. “Overdevelopment in Tarrytown, in conjunction with the 1,000 plus residences being built in Sleepy Hollow, have the potential to suffocate our streets and the station area of Tarrytown. We must be vigilant so that we don’t allow the character of the village that we all cherish to be diminished.”

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