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TV Show to Film At Tarrytown Location

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By Robert Kimmel

          The long-vacated Citibank building at 2 South Broadway in Tarrytown is going to be put into use this coming week, but only on a very temporary basis.  It will be used to film a bank robbery scene for the new CBS television series “FBI: Most Wanted.” Film production crews and actors from Universal Television, LLC will be working at the bank building, both inside and out, throughout the day, Tuesday, January 14th.

            Local businesses and residents were being informed of the filming by flyers circulated this past week by Location Department employees of the production company which state that activities could begin as early as 6 a.m. In order to keep traffic flowing and safe pedestrian passage across streets amid Tarrytown’s business section, Village police will be on hand.

             The production company states, “We are working in close cooperation with the Village of Tarrytown Administrator’s Office and the Police Department. It is important to us to keep the residents and businesses of Tarrytown happy and up to speed with everything so we can all have a safe, productive and happy film experience,” Universal Television relates, “And, we will do what we can to minimize the impact of our presence on the street and surrounding area.”

Production equipment, when not used, will be moved from parking areas to release room for the public to park. While the parking lot behind the building on Neperan Road,  part of which was recently acquired by the Village, is expected to be used, no specifics in that regard have been disclosed. For anyone with special questions, or concerns, such as accessibility needs, the production company’s Location Department can be reached at 518-227-0398.

“FBI: Most Wanted” premiered on CBS, Tuesday, January 7 and received good reviews. The crime drama is a spin-off of the network’s flagship drama “FBI.” It was ranked as a most-watched show. The show focuses on the division of the FBI whose mission is to track and arrest criminals on its “Most Wanted” list.

The Citibank building has been vacant since January, 2016, and while reports of interest by buyers have circulated, the bank has not yet come up with a sale of the building and portion of the parking lot it still owns.

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