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The Swan’s House Opens in Tarrytown

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by Barbara Moroch

“Home is where your story begins,” author Annie Danielson once said, and that’s something Arthur Gandy and Sara Swan have taken to heart. She made a career out of studying fine art and fashion design. He made a career in carpentry. Together, they took their common love of style and directed it toward decor, with strong ideas of how all homes should be: well appointed.

Initially, the two shared a passion for collecting unique art, sculptures and other hidden gems by regularly scouring flea markets and antique stores. “If we found things that were in need of repair, I would restore them to their former glory,” says Arthur. Now the couple has added yet another dimension to their home design interests with the opening this past October of The Swan’s House, a 750-square-foot boutique in Tarrytown featuring all kinds of wondrous things for good living — vintage or unusual objets d’art, coffee table books, fine chocolates, handmade pillows and throws, quirky gadgets — all designed to spark the imagination and encourage home innovation.

“I’ve always found most vintage furniture to be thoughtfully designed and well made, which is not always the case with current manufacturers in the market,” noted Swan. “A lot of the current trends feel unoriginal and disposable. That’s why, for me, it’s important to find a good balance between vintage and new.”

Indeed, one of the reasons for opening The Swan’s House was the lack of originality available in the market. “We wanted to offer something that was out of the box, taking multiple design eras and blending them to make them feel fresh and new. It might just take a few accent pieces or a great lamp to transform a space and make it your own,” she explained.

Every item in the store is a veritable conversation piece, whether it’s a pair of new fluffy slippers from Australia or vintage 1980’s David Marshall mirrors. Said Gandy, “We feature beautiful new items from Australia, Norway and Brooklyn as well as vintage Danish, Italian and American furniture, giving our customers the opportunity to mix and match a variety of pieces to make them their own.”

Something new in store every day

 Everything in the store has been carefully sourced, and you’ll find pieces that combine vintage craftsmanship with a modern twist to create an entirely new retail experience not found anywhere else. Items are surprisingly affordable and new pieces arrive daily, virtually guaranteeing a new shopping experience each time you visit.

Gandy reflected that, “Our homes are a great place for original design in our lives. They’re a wonderful opportunity for self-expression, places where we are most comfortable, so it’s important to make them our own.”

The couple is relatively new to Tarrytown, having moved here from Brooklyn almost three years ago. They promptly fell in love with the community — and wanted to be part of it. “I grew up in Dublin, Ireland; and Tarrytown really reminds me of the small fishing village where I came from, so it immediately felt like home,” said Swan. “I recently read a beautiful quote, ‘Every single dollar spent at a locally owned business sends a ripple of economic benefits through your community.’ There are a lot of young couples moving to the rivertowns and it’s our hope that we can offer them a unique shopping experience and be a part of the growth and prosperity of the area.” And so in Swan and Gandy’s new home, with their new business, their story begins again.

The Swan’s House, 37 North Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591. 914-333-4000. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am-7pm; Sunday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

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