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October 13, 2022

By The Editors—

Now in its seventeenth year of providing news coverage for and about the river towns of the lower Hudson Valley, The Hudson Independent has taken a significant step in refining its role in the communities it serves. As of NOw, we are officially under management of a registered tax-exempt non-profit organization, The Hudson Valley News Foundation, Inc.

Why did we take this step, and what does it mean not only for us but also for you, our readers and advertisers?

First, a bit of history: Initially a monthly print newspaper with copies mailed free of charge to 19,000 households, The Indy has for the past two years been entirely internet-based. Prior to the pandemic, our website ( served mainly as an archive for stories in the print edition, plus a calendar of local events. Since the lockdown that led us to suspend the print edition, the website has become a full-service platform for news and events that is updated daily.

Our Community Bulletin Board, which began as a repository for services and resources related to the impact of the pandemic, has evolved into a wide-ranging resource for ongoing community activities, complementing our Events daily calendar. At present, we are separately compiling a catalog of local charitable organizations, explaining what they do and how to contact them. The site also links to videos, including a monthly TV show, Indy Talks, featuring interviews with local newsmakers. When significant news breaks, we inform thousands of registered households via email alerts.

The move to non-profit status marks another turn in our evolution. As it has been for hundreds of news organizations around the country, this change is a response to an increasingly challenging economic environment in local and mid-sized news markets. Declining ad revenues, readers migrating away from print to online sources, and rising printing and mailing costs have combined to force many news outlets to accept buyouts by larger corporate entities that then cut editorial staffs—or they close up altogether.

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Tax-exempt status provides us with another way to connect with our readers and advertisers while opening a second stream of income. Just as highly respected news sources like National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service are doing, we are now able to receive potentially tax-deductible contributions from those in the community who value us as an objective news source.

At the same time, we will continue to offer advertisers the opportunity to buy space on our site, providing them with exposure to thousands of visitors in ways that will contribute to the welfare of the community as a whole.

From the perspective of you, the reader, the only visible change will be more and better coverage of news and trends in the rivertowns. The journalism we offer will remain focused on our local communities. Our overall mission is the same; our commitment to objectivity and to the welfare of the communities we serve remains unchanged.

We will continue to keep watch over local governments. We will celebrate the academic and athletic successes of the children in our schools as we also report on the management of the school districts to which we entrust them. We will report on local businesses, announcing when new ones open. We will, as we have in the past, support the many charitable organizations in the rivertowns—the other nonprofits that provide safety nets for our citizens and advance local artists. We will chronicle the social and cultural trends, and when conflicts arise, as they inevitably will, we will strive to report them objectively. And we will continue to sponsor public forums—on topics like democracy, journalism and history—in conjunction with our libraries and schools.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce describes a non-profit organization as one whose “mission and purpose are to further a social cause and provide a public benefit.” We are confident that when you scroll through the pages of this website, you will find overwhelming evidence that The Indy matches that description.

We are pleased to add that a generous anonymous donor has offered to match–dollar for dollar–all gifts up to $10,000 from now until January 31st.

We invite you to join the cause. You can help by going to

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