The Aligned Center: A Holistic Approach to Shared Office Space

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by Barrett Seaman 

Nestled within Irvington’s sprawling Bridge Street complex on the banks of the Hudson is a new office space designed for solo professionals, entrepreneurs, writers and others seeking a home within the growing “gig economy.” It’s got comfy, relatively spacious glassed-in offices with phones, computers and “white noise” machines to facilitate concentration. There’s a communal kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine, keys to the restrooms across the hall and a spa shower and lockers one floor below—all available 24/7. Plus, there’s an adjoining deck with cushioned Adirondack-style chairs right on the Hudson, cheek by jowl with the summertime bar run by The Red Hat on the River.

But wait, there’s more! Founder and operator Matt Ludmer, a 30-year wealth management advisor out of Wall Street powerhouse Morgan Stanley, has imbued this office space with his own philosophy of “true aligned wealth,” which he believes is comprised of four quadrants, only one of which is financial. The others are: heartfelt community, lifelong learning and mindful awareness.

The loft-like 2,500 sq. ft. common space is furnished with neighbor Eileen Fisher’s ergonomic furniture. If you arrive by 8:30, there is a daily meditation session in the main room and an enclosed meditation room for all other hours. The Westchester Buddhist Center, which previously used Eileen Fisher’s Bridge Street space, now holds its weekly meetings there on Monday evenings. On other nights, there are $15-a-session Tai Chi classes, yoga and periodic talks by outside speakers.

Ludmer’s philosophy is a fusion of Tibetan Buddhism, Jewish Kabbalah and “Integral Theory,” as articulated by the philosopher and writer Ken Wilber (Integral Vision; A Theory of Everything). Ludmer himself plans to teach a class he calls “Invest and Relax.”

Ludmer will run his own wealth management business out of the space. He recently moved to Irvington’s Barney Park from Katonah with his wife and three daughters. Those joining The Aligned Center are not required to use his financial services, but they are required to pay for the mindfulness. A “Community” membership, which includes 24/7 access to the space and all its activities as well as use of office space if it is free at the time, will cost $700-a-month ($300-a-month trial memberships may still be available). To lock in an office space, full members will pay $2,000-a-month. All told, there are 21 keys to the Center.

More detailed information can be found on the center’s web site,

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