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TaSH Farmers Market, Oct. 16

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October 13, 2021

Editor’s Note: From this week’s TaSH newsletter:

OK class, it’s time for a challenge. We’ve seen what’s been happening. You stroll to the market and beeline straight for the same types of apples. The same types of greens. The same types of autumn squash. NOPE. Not this weekend. This weekend we’re challenging everyone to literally compare apples to apples and find something new to try. Here’s some motivation to get you started if you’re stuck in your comfort zone…

  • Abbott House Awards Dinner
  • Irvington Theater Videos for Change
  • If you like butternut squash, try HONEYNUT squash. It’s smaller but more flavorful and packed with more nutrients. One serving of honeynut squash packs twice the beta-carotene as a serving of butternut!
  • If you like Mutsu apples (often called Crispin in supermarkets), try SHIZUKA apples. They’re a little sweeter and more buttery.
  • If you like potatoes + artichokes, try JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES. These relatives of the sunflower family take on a potato-meets-artichoke flavor when roasted. Don’t mistake their tubers for ginger roots. You can find them at Mobius Fields’ tent.
  • If you like hard cider, try ASHMEAD’S KERNAL APPLES – an heirloom apple variety from the 1700’s that makes an awesome cider and has a great tangy bite. (Brett from Majestic Farm calls it “the best apple in the universe.”)
  • If you like bacon, try BLACK POPLAR MUSHROOMS. (Nope, we didn’t eat a bad mushroom and have not lost our minds.) We seriously dare you to try Hodgins Harvest Mushrooms’ recipe and tell us when these “piopinni” are cooked up, that they won’t make you think you’re tasting bacon!

Want to study up a bit further? Check out some of these foodie friendly resources to demystify the deliciousness of fall foods:

  • A thorough explanation of all the apples grown at Fishkill Farms and Majestic Farm
  • Epicurious’ visual guide to winter squash
  • Chowhound’s Guide to Fall Produce You Need to Try Beyond Apples + Pumpkins and Guide to Winter Squash
  • Our farmers! DUH – that’s why farmers markets ROCK. Talk to our amazing vendors and find out all the answers to your burning questions. They’re wonderful guides and genuinely want to share their knowledge with you!

Have fun foraging for something new at the market. Don’t let us catch you falling into your comfort zone or we’ll drag you over the grill grates at JD Farms (we kid!) But you might want to hop over there anyway…he’s back with the grill this weekend and firing up sausage and peppers. Race you there!


Spinach is here at Berry Brook Farm! For all the spinach lovers, winter spinach tends to be very flavorful with large green leaves.  Add it to your fresh salads, sauté with onions and garlic, or toss it with some roasted potatoes, dress it with a simple whole grain mustard vinaigrette and enjoy with some brats from Majestic Farm and a pretzel from Knot of this World.

If you are looking for fresh, new fall beverage, Mead Orchards has you covered! Just one sip of their new Sparkling Cider will have your tastebuds tingly with delight. Plus, this non-alcoholic drink is kid friendly.

Have you ever wanted to make you own risotto? Try Hodgins Harvest’s NEW Mushroom Risotto Kits for risotto made easy! These kits are made with 3 types of certified organic mushrooms grown on their farm and packed with umami flavor. Just sauté the contents of the package in butter/oil, add white wine and water, then bake for 40 minutes. No constant stirring necessary.

Stop by for a sample at 11:30 a.m.!

Another delicious and refreshing beverage is Teagevity’s Stawberry Fields tea. The strawberry flavor is bold and it’s only mildly sweet, making it perfectly balanced. On these fall days that can unpredictably warm or cool, you can choose to have hot or iced.


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