Tarrytown’s New Asst. Village Administrator Fulfilling Tasks

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by Robert Kimmel – 

Joshua Ringel tarrytown government
Joshua Ringel

Tarrytown’s newly appointed Assistant Village Administrator, Joshua Ringel, now within his fourth month on the job, appears to be seamlessly accomplishing the work for which he was employed. Ringel was chosen from a large list of candidates competing for the job, according to Village Administrator Richard Slingerland.    

“The village had planned for several years to establish the position of Assistant Village Administrator,” Slingerland stated. “After we published a regional advertisement, we received dozens of applications from all around the country. We narrowed the field down to the candidates with the best qualifications and experience and, ultimately, were able to hire Mr. Ringel.”                  

Ringel comes to Tarrytown after having served four years as Assistant to the Village Manager in Scarsdale and worked with the New York State Legislature. “His experience working as a staff person in the offices of the State Legislature, and his experience working for the Village of Scarsdale, made him the perfect fit for our needs here in Tarrytown, especially considering the many grant projects and capital construction projects we have going on right now in Tarrytown,” Slingerland explained.  

Compared to his Scarsdale job, Ringel said his new position is, “giving me greater responsibility and involvement in more aspects of village government” which he said he is pleased about. “There is a lot going on in Tarrytown, and the challenges are different than they were in Scarsdale.”

“Scarsdale is more of a bedroom community, whereas Tarrytown has a tourism industry going on, with hotels and also different land use issues,” Ringel said. “These differences create a diverse set of things to learn.” In noting that Scarsdale had 255 employees, while Tarrytown has approximately 90, he said he is getting to know workers on a personal level here, is able to “connect a face to a name” in the various village departments and now “knows whom to go to in order to get a job done.” 

Ringel characterized his new job as “definitely a promotion,” and pointed out that his greater responsibilities in Tarrytown include either he or Village Treasurer James Hart having to take charge and “look over matters and see now everything is going” when Slingerland is away. “It keeps you on your toes,” Ringel said.            

Prior to his Scarsdale position, Ringel was employed for two-and-a-half years as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Albany office of New York State Assemblyman Andrew R. Garbarino (Rep. District 7) where he handled administration and research and analysis of legislation. At that time, he was also studying for his Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy from which he graduated in 2015. Ringel was also an intern working for then Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle (Dem. District 25) during his undergraduate attendance at SUNY, Albany.  

While employed in Albany, Ringel was a volunteer member of the Community and Accountability Board which was run by the District Attorney’s office and focused on civil rights and social action. He explained that the board would hear the cases of persons charged with lower level criminal offenses such as shop lifting and question them to determine whether they might be eligible for community service or other remedies, including rehabilitation, rather than having to face the court system.    

As for his inclination toward public service, Josh, as he is better known, explained that he has “always liked helping people.” Raised in Hastings-on-Hudson, he attended school there, was on the varsity baseball team and the JV basketball team at Hastings High School and served as an intern with the Town of Greenburgh. “It’s nice to be back in the rivertowns, and interesting to see how things have changed over the years,” he noted.  

Living in northern Manhattan with his wife of 18 months, Joanna, Ringel engages in a “reverse commute” each workday. He apparently intends to maintain that status, defining his Tarrytown job as “great,” and saying he hopes to maintain the status quo for “a good while.”    

“We are very happy to have him on our team here,” Slingerland said. 

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