Tarrytown Yoga Studio to Offer Innovative Course

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Instructor Joy Jacobson teaches a MELT class at Riverstone Yoga. Photo: Fabienne Schneuwly

by Fabienne Schneuwly |  

Starting on March 14, Riverstone Yoga, a popular studio in Tarrytown known for its wide array of classes, will be offering a new and special course: The MELT Method.

This groundbreaking self-treatment system, whose letters stand for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique, was created by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann. As described in her best-selling book named after her discovery, this specific technique restores the supportiveness of the connective tissue which surrounds every muscle, bone, joint and organ. The benefits are numerous. MELT helps eliminate chronic pain, improve performance and decrease accumulated stress caused by repetitive postures and movements of everyday living. It can also prevent injuries. According to Sue Hitzmann, MELT is for anyone who is eager to slow down their aging process and live better. It uses a small but specific amount of equipment including soft body rollers and balls for hands and feet.

Joy Jacobson, who is going to be teaching the workshop at Riverstone Yoga, is fascinated by the uniqueness of this innovative method. “MELT is not a style of yoga but a completely different kind of discipline and training which is designed to help people take care of their own bodies and heal them in a gentle way,” she explained.

The instructor has been taking care of people using MELT for the past three years. “I usually teach another practice known as the Alexander Technique, which is also a lot about helping people to get out of pain ,but it is a pretty slow process and really mind-oriented,” Jacobson said. “I was looking for something a little bit quicker which is also scientifically based, and MELT was definitely the perfect solution”.

Until a couple of years ago, people used to look at the connective tissue as superfluous; then scientists, like Tom Myers, conducted and published studies about the importance of this often neglected part of the body.

“90% of our sensory nerve endings are in the connective tissue. As a result, this is really where we feel pain,” Jacobson said. “When the connective tissue gets dehydrated over the years, the balance system of the body becomes less efficient because of the missing communication in the body. This is why rehydrating the connective tissue with MELT has such great results.”

Many people might ask themselves why they still feel pain in their bodies despite eating healthy and exercising often. In their cases, MELT could just be the right solution. Patricia Fischer, who is also part of the team at Riverstone Yoga, explained, “MELT is the new missing link in fitness and the support system for a good life. Once people know where the problems in their bodies are, they will be able to start working on specific places.”

Another benefit of this new method of treatment is the quick impact it has. Jacobson said, “You can see results immediately. MELT is nevertheless a process which is ongoing. Like brushing your teeth or working out. You can feel a difference after the first time, but you have to keep doing it if you want to see a really great result.”

People of every age or fitness level who are interested in trying out MELT should sign up as soon as possible since the number of spaces is limited, and the course is likely to sell out. The workshop starts on March 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and takes place at Riverstone Yoga, located at 129 West Main Street in Tarrytown’s Hudson Harbors development.

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