Tarrytown Waterfront, Rail Station and Area Subject of Public Workshop

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|by Robert Kimmel |

Tarrytown Station Area StudyAnother step to engage the public in what future changes Tarrytown may propose for its train station area takes place this month as the village is expanding its planning to the entire village. “Residents, business owners and property owners” are being invited to attend what is labeled an “interactive workshop.”

The workshop, scheduled for Sunday, November 15, from 1-3:30 p.m. at the Tarrytown Senior Center, 238 Main Street, is described as a session “to imagine and discuss different ideas for the future of the area around the station and waterfront.” It is the third session that has been open for public input.

While the focus is on the rail station revitalization project, the discussion is likely to turn also to what has emerged from that original concept, a broader look at the village via its planned Tarrytown Economic Development Strategy.

As Village Administrator Michael Blau put it, “The village never actively put together an economic strategy, and with the study for the train station and waterfront, we’ll come up with economic development ideas, and hopefully, they can expand out to the entire village.”

A Steering Committee for the rail station revitalization project includes village residents and trustees, and county officials, and is co-chaired by Planning Board members Joan Raiselis and David Aukland. They have stated, “The workshop is open to everyone.”

A presentation of existing conditions in the area studied will lead off the meeting. It will include “some preliminary options for possible future development,” the committee notes. A physical model of the project area will be available for participants to work with, “to test ideas and provide input on appropriate land uses, building form, view corridors, open space, transportation and related issues.”

The committee hopes the workshop will “… create alternatives for fuller review that meet our basic goals, of being functionally compatible, physically attractive, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically beneficial to the village and complimentary with downtown businesses.”

Tarrytown’s Board of Trustees has placed a moratorium on the issuance of building permits and approvals within the area until it settles on the results of the study. As part of a second phase of the rail station area study, the Board of Trustees will come up with recommendations for zoning changes among others steps to implement the plan.

“What we do for the station area, can’t be just about the this area, it has to be about the village as a whole,” said Melissa Kaplan-Macey, whose Collaborative Planning Studio is also involved in the strategic planning. What we do down here, has to make sense for Main Street and Broadway.”

Another participant in the planning effort, Kevin Dwarka, a land use and economic consultant concurred. “We have to look at the big picture, the long term economic development of Tarrytown as a village and having established that, we can establish what the optimal redevelopment plan is for the waterfront and station area,” Dwarka said.

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