Tarrytown to Seek Proposals to Make Repairs to H-Bridge

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by Rick Pezzullo – 

Tarrytown officials will be seeking outside help to determine the best course of action in making needed repairs to the H-Bridge near the Metro-North train station.

The H-Bridge was cited by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in an October report as one of the most structurally deficient municipal bridges in the state.

“Local communities are facing a big price tag for maintaining and repairing bridges,” DiNapoli said. “These structures are aging and the cost for repairs will likely only increase over time. Many local governments understand the importance of long-term planning for their infrastructure needs but they will need help. Difficult decisions lie ahead, but these infrastructure needs must be addressed.”

Mayor Drew Fixell said he was surprised the H-Bridge was among the worst “because of the attention the bridge has received” from the village in recent years.

Village Administrator Richard Slingerland explained Tarrytown has been performing “ongoing needed repairs on the H-Bridge” but conceded the bridge was in need of rehabilitation to address “long-term maintenance issues” related to the structure.

He noted former Village Administrator Michael Blau received a grant of approximately $1 million from the state Department of Transportation’s Bridge New York program for the approach legs of the H-Bridge. The middle span of the bridge is owned, operated and maintained by Metro North.

“In the past I know there have been projects performed to correct rust and corrosion as well as paint and treat metal that has been the subject of rust and salt damage,” Slingerland stated. “We have cut and/or repaired/welded pieces of bridge to replace weight-holding bearing-plates that allow the bridge to slide on its footings, and other similar metal and structural repairs.”

Slingerland said “in the near future” the village will be requesting engineering design proposals to try to pinpoint what is wrong with the H-Bridge and comply with state standards. It will then go out to bid.

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