Tarrytown Officials to Hear From Residents and Businesses on Village’s Future

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The Village of Tarrytown is hosting an open house to discuss village-wide economic development strategies on Sunday, September 27th from 1pm-4pm at the Tarrytown Senior Center, 238 West Main Street. The purpose of the session is to discuss preliminary strategies for:

  • Better connecting Main Street and the waterfront
  • Supporting local business
  • Retaining and attracting jobs
  • Providing diverse housing choices
  • Improving parking; and
  • Celebrating Tarrytown’s unique character

The Village’s economic and planning consultants, Kevin Dwarka LLC, Land Use and Economic Consulting, Collaborative Planning Studio and Regional Plan Association, will be on-hand to explain preliminary concepts, answer questions and obtain feedback from residents and business owners. Members of the Station Area Steering Committee, which has been guiding the station area planning effort under the leadership of Planning Board members David Aukland and Joan Raiselis, will also be in attendance to listen to comments and answer questions.

This work is part of the Village’s broader station area revitalization effort whose purpose is to ensure that infrastructure improvements and site development proposals in the station area are functionally and aesthetically compatible with one another. The area around Tarrytown’s train station and waterfront is considered one of Tarrytown’s most valuable economic assets. The consensus among village officials is that thoughtful waterfront planning along with transit-oriented development has the potential to create substantial economic benefits to Tarrytown, enhancing connections to Main Street/Broadway businesses, encouraging tourism and generating tax revenue. Sunday’s workshop will provide the public with an opportunity to review and comment on proposed economic development strategies that will set the stage for the development of a blueprint for station area land use and density that is physically attractive, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically beneficial to the Village.

Further information on the station area project and the related Tarrytown Economic Development Strategy (TEDS) can be found on the Village web site:

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