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Tarrytown Musician Lets His Impulse/Instinct Lead the Way

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July 6, 2021

By Rich Monetti–

Tarrytown resident, Drew Bordeaux, recently released a new CD titled “Impulse/Instinct,” and, of course, he’s got the songs cued up on Spotify. However, the Fox Lane High School graduate is pretty succinct when it comes to expecting any monetary returns. “No,” Bordeaux said, but the multi-talented artist has so much going for him that it’s not surprising how easily he rolls with the reality.

Graduating from Harvard in 2005 with a psychology degree, the Mt. Kisco native was previously the COO of an Internet marketing company, has had his blogging appear in Sports Illustrated, College Humor and Maxim, owns a digital marketing company himself, and last year Vogue featured one of his photo shoots.

His personal ethic of being well-rounded began at Mt. Kisco Elementary School. “Part of life was you practice your violin every day, and you do your homework every day,” Bordeaux said. Thus, his classical string-playing put him in the orchestra at Fox Lane Middle School, and, while his father always had B.B. King playing in the car, the younger Bordeaux eventually went around his own bend musically.  “It was sixth grade when I discovered Green Day. So, I was all about Alt-Rock, Grunge Rock,” he said. “That’s all I wanted to play.”

The school then provided ample opportunities to play at venues like barbecues and park events. “So, I always had a group of musicians that I was playing with,” said Bordeaux.

But, as he matured, he got down to more serious stuff at Harvard – or not.  “I was smart enough to get in, but not smart enough to pick a lucrative major,” Bordeaux joked.

Still, the Ivy Leaguer put his education to pragmatic use. Through lab work and research, Bordeaux elevated his understanding of human nature, and that would certainly help all his future endeavors.

Of course, his academics included music education, and the added knowledge allowed him to continue turning theory into practice. He was in several bands and occupied the same niche Tracy Chapman occupied as a street performer. “Harvard Square, I was there,” Bordeaux revealed.

Graduation brought him back to Mt. Kisco and into a few new bands. But the graduate soon opted for the real world in internet marketing, even though writing music articles was his “first position.” He eventually entered the management world which led to becoming a COO.

Even so, he kept performing and credits his father’s work ethic for the unyielding drive. “Keep working, don’t stop, and then work some more,” Bordeaux recalls with emphasis. It was his father’s motto.

However, in 2016, the right brain took over, and the executive quit his day job to focus on composing music.  All went well except the writing part. Bordeaux supplanted his creative block with helping musicians build their websites, and among their needs was developing branding imagery. Bordeaux dove in and began a photography business. He worked with supermodels like Danielle Zinaich, actor Kiefer Sutherland, and musicians, including Grace Potter, Ani DiFranco, and Steve Earle.

His music passion made enough room to move back and forth between all his interests, but COVID-19 dialed him down. “There’s only so much energy you can put through your iPhone,” Bordeaux lamented.

Bordeaux informed his wife that he wasn’t coming out of the basement until he had an album. “For a month,” he said, “She barely saw me.”

A rock album resulted- the main theme coming across in the title track: “Impulse or Instinct.” He said, “I’m fascinated by the way we make decisions.”  Some things work out better than others. “We’re all trying the best we can,” Bordeaux conveys in his song’s theme.  On the other hand, his composition, Lost, asks more from society. The song examines what it means to be Black in America, and, with all the hurdles to happiness, how do we make that happen when everything is so divided.

As for the limits of online money streams, Bordeaux won’t fret and sees the positives of Spotify. Like a business card, it’s an artistic expression he gives to his fans and hopes they will pass it along.

His name will, hopefully, be getting more play, and, perhaps the money will follow when Bordeaux  starts performing live once again. He has no problem returning to his roots.

“Westchester gave me the opportunity to sharpen my teeth,” said Bordeaux, and on August 6 he will be playing in the Ossining Summer Concert Series at Louis Engel Park.  But at this point, he’s letting his impulse decide the way forward. “Now, that I put out an original album, I have the writing bug,” he concluded.

To learn more about Drew Bordeaux and his music, please visit:

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