Tarrytown Comprehensive Plan Draft to Go Online for Review 

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by Robert Kimmel – 

Tarrytown residents will have their first opportunity to review a draft of the village’s long awaited Comprehensive Plan next month when it is posted online. The plan, defining how the village develops for the years ahead, will be the result of several years’ work by village committees and consultants, including studies and the public’s input.

Ideas contributed by the public have been an important aspect of the plan’s evolution, and village residents will have an opportunity to review their goals and policy suggestions and help refine the proposed implementation actions based on their feedback from the workshop as well as the survey. participate with their recommendations Village officials and the WXY consulting team anticipate holding a town hall meeting in June. Input has come in different forms, from comments at public workshops, the last one having taken place in February, and more recently from an online survey. The consulting team states that it is now working with the village “to finalize the draft goals and policies, and refining the proposed implementation actions based on feedback from the public workshop,      as well as the survey. The draft will also be reviewed by the village’s Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees.

The public has identified some of its priorities as “improving local mobility and access, advancing a local transit network, completing street projects, and access over the railroad tracks,” according to the WXY consultants. Additional subjects included “studying opportunities to increase housing affordability, linking the RiverWalk to the upper village and implementing the station and waterfront area rezoning.” An economic study and traffic study were among the initiatives integrated into the plan’s work.

Originally, the station area study was a separate project, but was merged into the effort to develop the fully revised village-wide Comprehensive Plan. More than 10 years have passed since the village formulated its last plan, and a variety of changes have taken place in the village, as well as major waterfront development in neighboring Sleepy Hollow and the new Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge construction.

In the 1950’s zoning in the Metro North Station and waterfront areas was based on industrial uses. However, public hearings were held in 2013 directed at amending the zoning code along the waterfront for other possible uses, including a residential area and for recreation and culture, or a destination concept to attract visitors and residents. Final zoning change recommendations for the district are expected in the new plan.  Ways to improve connectivity between the station area and the Tarrytown business district has been another pursuit of the planners. Additional information regarding the Comprehensive Plan may be found on the website link, connected@tarrytowngov.com

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