Tarrytown Approves Building Moratorium Near Train Station

 -  19

| by Rick Pezzullo |

The Tarrytown Board of Trustees last month approved a six-month building moratorium in the area of the train station.

The temporary development ban was deemed necessary to give the board time to review current zoning, planning and environmental regulations in the so-called Tarrytown Station Study Area.

“The impetus (for the moratorium) is that since there is a study being undertaken which may result in the village making zoning and/or other changes, it made sense to put a hold on any potential developments that were based on rules and regulations that were likely to change within a relatively short period of time,” Mayor Drew Fixell explained.

The legislation adopted by the board July 20 following a public hearing stated, “Without placing a moratorium on applications pending revision of the code, the village will be faced with additional development without having an opportunity to fully address all of the issues raised in the first phase of the study. This protection of the public interest and welfare includes the prevention of premature, inconsistent or improper development which could prejudice the integrity and objectives of the study presently being undertaken and could result in uses which may be inconsistent with and in violation of the intent of said planning.”

The moratorium prohibits the Planning Board from granting any preliminary or final approval of a site plan, subdivision or any special permit within the study area unless the application was pending and at least one public hearing was open before June 24. The Zoning Board has the same restrictions for granting variances or special permits.

The building inspector is also not allowed to issue any building permits for new construction or the expansion of any structure within the study area unless all land use approvals have been obtained and a building permit application was filed before June 24.

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