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Support Harckham for State Senate

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To the Editor:

With the current Supreme Court make-up, I fear that Roe vs. Wade is threatened more than ever.  Since the 1973 decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to abortion, many states have passed restrictive laws that have made it nearly impossible for women across the country to access this right.

Prior to Roe vs. Wade, abortion was decriminalized in New York in 1970, but the NY law has some inconsistencies which The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) addresses. For instance, The RHA would move abortion law from the penal code to the public health law code; allow medical professionals, not politicians to make decisions about fetal viability and include language to allow abortion at any stage of pregnancy when the health or life of the mother is threatened.

Versions of the RHA passed in the NYS Assembly several times over the years but have been stalled in the NYS Senate health committee by those who oppose abortion, including Senator Terrence Murphy. 80% of New Yorkers are in favor of protecting a woman’s right to choose. I support and encourage all to vote for Peter Harckham for NY State Senate District 40. He is pro-choice and supports a woman‘s right to be in charge of making their own decisions about their reproductive health and their lives.

Gaye Breakstone

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