Student Anti-Gun Protests Draw Political Support

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By Robert Kimmel –

Political leaders in the Rivertowns have lined up behind local student demands for tighter gun laws  and are offering support for the planned  demonstrations in March.

“It’s important for students to get involved in our political process,” Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner stated. “If you know of a student who attends any school district within Greenburgh who is planning to attend the protest or wants to organize local protests please advise,” he requested. I would like to invite the students to meet together and will highlight their involvement. The town also has a cable TV studio  that can be used to produce, tape and air public service announcements and cable TV shows, and these announcements can help spread the word,” Feiner said.

“For kids, this is an issue, literally, of life and death, ” State Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti said during a press conference  at which he pressed for tougher  gun  violence prevention.  “They are starting to realize it. If we want to change the future, we’ve got to generate the interest in young people and let them understand.”

State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who has pursued more restrictive gun measures in Albany, asserted,  “It is really unacceptable to do nothing, day after day, week after week, year after year, in the face of what we really all know are terrible tragedies.”

New York State already has what are among the toughest gun laws in the nation under the SAFE Act and recently Governor Cuomo joined with neighboring states to exchange information on gun purchases and background checks.

“The bottom line is that students have a right to go to school free from fear, not having to worry about anything other than expanding their horizons and minds,” Congresswoman Nita Lowey said at a round table discussion she held in White Plains soon after the Parkland shootings. “Mass shootings, including the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, continue to shake all of us to the core, and students are left fearful for their safety. That’s unacceptable,” Lowey stated.

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