Storm Preparation On Agenda of Westchester Town Leaders

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by Robert Kimmel – 

The horrendous road conditions and resulting traffic gridlock throughout the area caused by yesterday’s snow storm will be on the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the Westchester Town Supervisor’s Association.

Disclosing yesterday that he has asked for a discussion on the topic, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner explained, “Want to evaluate our experiences and how we can improve snow removal operations when facing circumstances similar to what we experienced this afternoon.  Will also reach out to New York State officials and will ask that they review snow clearing operations on New York State roads that were a mess today,” he added. Numerous accidents were also reported throughout the county.

Feiner had remained late yesterday in his office and was besieged by messages and calls from residents, “…who reached out to me, upset about being stuck in traffic for hours.” The Town Supervisor also noted that some residents, “…were critical of my earlier emails pointing out that every Westchester Community was experiencing similar problems.” He had written that Greenburgh children were not the only ones held up on school buses because of road conditions.  While conditions were bad throughout the area, he specifically mentioned, “Central Ave, W Hartsdale Ave, Knollwood, Dobbs Ferry Road, etc.”     Many motorists returning from hours on the road questioned why there had not been better preparation for the snow storm, such as salting the major roads prior to the afternoon snowfall.

“Sorry for the inconvenience.  Every storm is different. And we never try to cut corners and save money when it comes to snow removal,” Feiner wrote in a late afternoon message.  During the storm, he related that Town trucks were among those stuck in gridlock, and that the Town had been “…working with the police to try and close roads to allow us to move salt trucks.”

The villages, Irvington, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow also had their maximum road crews out pursuing road clean-up. Sleepy Hollow issued an early evening message, “Our plow crews are out there trying very hard to keep up, but it is important that you stay off the roads if at all possible, to let our plows do what they do best.”

Along with the road work, rising temperatures during the morning hours were instrumental in returning traffic to more normal conditions.

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