Still Time to Apply for Tarrytown Affordable Housing

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by Alexander Roberts – 

There is still time to apply for 12 new affordable apartments developed at the former Tarrytown Village Hall at 21 Wildey Street. The deadline is June 17, and the winners will be chosen by lottery – names picked out of a hat – so everyone has an equal chance.

Prospective renters may earn no more than 60% of the Area Median Income adjusted by family size. That’s $49,200 for a single person, $56,200 for two people, $63,200 for three people, and up to $70,250 for a household with four people.

The rent for the eight one-bedroom apartments is $1,230 per month and $1,405 per month for each of the four two-bedroom units.

The two-story elevator building was more than 12 years in the making, committed to by National Resources of Greenwich, Connecticut in 2006 as part of its Hudson Harbor market rate waterfront development. Substantially completed by the fall of 2017, the building sat vacant as the village and developer wrangled over whether the building would fall under the 2006 rent and income guidelines when the agreement was signed, or under the new village ordinance in which rent and income guidelines are lower, and eliminate preferences for village residents. The developer finally accepted the current guidelines.

According to Rose Noonan of the Housing Action Council, the Tarrytown nonprofit conducting the marketing, interest has been high.  The application, in English and Spanish, can be accessed at the Housing Action Council’s website at

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