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by Robert Kimmel – 

The development of the East Parcel, a 29-acre segment of the former GM assembly plant off Sleepy Hollow’s waterfront, into a Commons for the village, received a hefty financial boost last month from Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council program. The village is receiving a $1.5 million award from the Council to help pay for the work. The money will be allocated for the site’s initial infrastructure by Sleepy Hollow’s Local Development Corporation, (SHLDC).

In addition to preparing the site, ground work on the Parcel, located east of the Metro North rail tracks, includes installing 1,300 linear feet of a new sanitary sewer line with manholes, a sewer bypass and 630 linear feet of a temporary water main.

The Commons will include a new Department of Public Works facility, a need brought about by a   growing village population, an increase reinforced by the $1billion Edge-On-Hudson 67-acre mixed-use development on the adjacent West Parcel. Planned also are a community center, athletic fields, recreational facilities, parking, and improved access to adjacent neighborhoods and the West Parcel.

Sleepy Hollow Mayor Ken Wray thanked Governor Cuomo and the Council, “and all the elected officials and community leaders who supported our funding application.” He described the early work as, “…critical for village residents to see we are serious about making Sleepy Hollow Commons a reality.”

“The board is excited, as years of planning, discussion and investment are bearing fruit with moving the East Parcel project forward,” Michael Dawley, SHLDC Chairperson, commented. “Though it’s only site prep, sewer and water lines for now, we can’t get to where we ultimately want to be without constructing a solid base of infrastructure upon which we’ll build the new recreational and community assets.’

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