Spring Into NaturalFit Pharmacy in Irvington

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Anna Donkin, owner of NaturalFit, plans to serve customer’s individual needs. Photo: Dylan Etzel
Anna Donkin, owner of NaturalFit, plans to serve customer’s individual needs. Photo: Dylan Etzel

|  by Dylan Etzel  |

It’s been almost eight months since NaturalFit Pharmacy opened at 104 Main Street in Irvington. Spacious shelves now brim with new products, ranging from cold remedies to locally crafted candles. Customers fill and refill prescriptions, as NaturalFit serves the health requirements of not only Irvington but also patrons of surrounding towns seeking a local solution to health-related needs. “Everything’s going in the right direction,” says NaturalFit’s Anna Donkin, who has grown accustomed to Irvington residents’ favorite teas and vitamins.

A bonus for NaturalFit has been how welcoming both the Irvington residential and business communities are. Donkin has relished the opportunity to participate in Irvington’s Third Thursday monthly gatherings, where businesses and residents share their knowledge of the town and support each other’s endeavors. Between the influence of Third Thursdays and suggestions from customers, NaturalFit has retained its homeopathic products while stocking up on new vitamin supplements like Floradix and  options that locally based skin care companies like Weleda provide.

At the same time, Donkin has tried to return the enthusiasm. NaturalFit fit right into the village storefronts’ Halloween celebration. “The other businesses told me to think about how much candy to buy, and then double it. They were right!” remembers Donkin. Other nearby business owners often stop by to pick up supplies and ask about customer traffic, while she also directs those from outside of Irvington to restaurants and cafes. As the seasons changed, opportunities to be involved in community events, such as the village Chanukah celebration, cropped up. NaturalFit featured snow globe making for kids, welcoming families into the store with holiday joy and merriment.

Even now, as we slip into spring, NaturalFit is preparing another adjustment. The store has stocked up on locally produced honeys as well as Badger sunscreens and balms. New men’s products, such as deodorants and hair styling materials, are filling the shelves. Looking around NaturalFit, one sees more and more typical pharmacy goods like cough drops and cold medicine in the center shelves, and more unique, specialized vitamin mixtures and pet foods lining the outside shelves.

The store’s diverse product offerings still serve as a fresh take on a traditional pharmacy. As returning customers fill prescriptions, Donkin takes note of new customers, even if they just stop in. She knew that starting a new pharmacy would mean gaining the trust of local residents, and that process is fully underway.

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