Sleepy Hollow Voters Have One Party Choice at Polls

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by Robert Kimmel – 

For Sleepy Hollow residents voting this month to elect a mayor and three trustees, the “Unite Sleepy Hollow” line-up will have a prominent place on their ballots. In fact, it will be the only slate of candidates represented on the ballot.

Mayor Ken Wray

Mayor Ken Wray and the three incumbent trustees running for re-election are unopposed in the March 19 vote. Wray is seeking his sixth term; he’s held the post since his first win in 2009. That initial win followed Wray’s first term as a trustee.

Denise Scaglione is pursuing her third term as a trustee. The same for John Leavy in running for another two-year term. Glenn Rosenbloom, who also serves as Deputy Mayor, would be back again for his fourth term.

The Unite Sleepy Hollow Party is a non-partisan political group founded early in 2015 to participate in that year’s local election. It described its aim as “established to provide voters with the best slate of candidates without regard to political party affiliation.” While leading to shape that action, Wray, a Democrat, loosened his link to the village’s Democratic body.

“I think the folks in Sleepy Hollow are confident that we have been doing a good job, and will continue to do so,“ Wray offered as a reason no political opponents have appeared for this year’s election. “We’re continuing to shepherd the Edge-on-Hudson development forward, as well as the East Parcel infrastructure.”

The 28-acre East Parcel of the former General Motors plant was turned over to Sleepy Hollow as part of the village’s approval of the sale of the remainder of the 96-acre site to the developers. Wray was credited with helping to fashion a special permit allowing the stalled sale to go through.

The mayor also cited his interest in completing the village’s new Comprehensive Plan and “finding ways to implement it.” Among the points he sees as important are renewing the downtown area, integrating the Edge-on-Hudson development with the full village, and improving transportation within the village.

As Executive Director of the Parodneck Foundation, his full-time employment, Wray guides that non-profit organization’s efforts to obtain affordable housing and services for people of low and moderate income. Wray has had extensive experience for several decades working to develop affordable housing in New York City and Westchester, with organizations such as the United Housing Foundation and Westhab, Inc.

Rosenbloom is also enthusiastic about “seeing through to completion the major development projects we currently have in progress.” He was on the GM negotiating committee during the exchanges that resulted in the sale of that riverfront property. He also pursued a plan for shared services with Tarrytown, as chair of the Village’s Parks and Recreation Department, and was on the Sleepy Hollow Planning Board before becoming a trustee. Retired now, Rosenbloom had substantial experience in media and communications management with the Walt Disney Company as a Senior Vice President and also as a Vice President and General manager of an ESPN unit.

Scaglione sees the village as, “undergoing a major transformation,” and said she wants to see the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan put into action. Strengthening the village’s departments to meet the needs of “all the new residents” who will be coming into the village, is another goal she envisions. Her regular workday has her as Office Manager at Scarborough Presbyterian Children’s Center, and she has been heavily involved volunteering with various community groups in Sleepy Hollow. She has also served as a Eucharistic Minister at the Church of the Magdalene.

Of importance to Leavy are “improving the quality of life and creating a safer environment for all our residents.” He has worked to enhance public safety, and improve infrastructure, he related. Leavy retired as a lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department in 2014 following 20 years with that organization, and continued to be politically active with the Uniformed Firefighters Association. He has been active voluntarily in the community, raising money to support arts in the schools, and was involved in managing lifeguards as an officer of the Philips Manor Beach Club.

The Unite Sleepy Hollow group has fielded Democrats, Republicans and Independents in village elections.

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