Sleepy Hollow Student Accepted into the U.S. Air Force Academy

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by Julia Ann Friedman – 

It has been Cameron Allan’s dream since eighth grade to attend a service academy and go on to serve his country as an officer. His dedication to his community and country runs deep.

Allan serves as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, and as a firefighter (Conqueror Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Ladder 37, Tarrytown Fire Department). He also regularly performs Taps on his trumpet at local ceremonies and memorials to honor military veterans and servicemen.

Last summer, he attended a program called Summer Leaders Experience at United States Military Academy West Point for field training. He also attended Boys State, a leadership and citizenship program sponsored by The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, under the guidance of American Legion counselors and U.S. Marines. At Boys State, he learned the practical aspects of government as it exists in New York State. According to Allan, there he “came to recognize that the individual is integral to the character and success of government.”

This past August he also attended an encampment at Otis Air National Guard Joint Base in Cape Cod through the Civil Air Patrol, where he received instruction on and participated in leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character development activities. Some of these activities included orientation flights in military aircraft, obstacle courses, weapon simulators, rappelling, and emergency services training.

Cameron Allan

Allan’s application to the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) was a complicated process involving not only the usual college application documents (test scores, letters of recommendation, grades, etc.), but also a CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment), a screening by DoDMERB (Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board), and a congressional nomination from his U.S. representative, Nita Lowey of NY District 17. The congressional nomination involved a separate application followed by an interview by a panel of seven people. He received his Congressional nomination this past December.

All of Allan’s hard work, determination, and dedication to service through the years paid off when he was recently accepted to the United States Air Force Academy and given the opportunity to earn a college degree in one of the nation’s most prestigious and rigorous schools. He committed right away not only to attending USAFA, but also to performing five years of military service upon graduation from the Academy.

Allan will report for the In Processing Day (I Day) on June 27 and will be sworn in the following morning. He will then begin Basic Cadet Training (BCT) for six weeks. The academic year begins in early August at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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