Sleepy Hollow Public Workshop On Waterfront and Comprehensive  Plan Scheduled for early October

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by Robert Kimmel – 

Sleepy Hollow residents will have an opportunity early in October to voice their ideas about the Village’s waterfront along with the community’s Comprehensive Plan being developed.  The Village’s third public workshop to discuss policies and projects regarding those topics is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday, October 2 at the James Galgano Senior Center, 55 Elm Street.

While updating policies for the waterfront will be among those considered, the Village’s interest is also in prioritizing potential capital projects in order to seek grant funding. Examples of those projects cited by the Village which could be shaped by the Comprehensive Plan are: “Redevelopment of the East Parcel, Route 9 Corridor Enhancements, Revitalization of Commercial Areas, Pocantico River Shoreline Stabilization, Green Infrastructure Pilot Projects, Upgrades to Kingsland Point Park, Upgrade drinking Water Infrastructure, and Renovate Storm Drainage System.”

The October session is the third public workshop among the five Sleepy Hollow set-up to gain public input about the various projects likely to be undertaken.  The fourth workshop is to be scheduled later in the fall and early in 2019 a public hearing will be held.  The dates for those sessions have not been set.

On Line Survey Accessible

An online “Public Survey” is also available for residents, and non-residents, to offer their views about changes and priorities for the Village to move on. Its purpose, as described by the Village, is “to gather input from a diverse range of people living, working, and spending time in Sleepy Hollow.” It is designed to “help the consultant team and Steering Committee better understand the key challenges facing the Village today and in the coming years, as well as how members of the community envision the future of Sleepy Hollow.”

The survey, which is anonymous, includes 36 questions, mostly multiple choice, such as, “Which of the following issues are most important to improve in the local housing market? Please select your top two.”  The choices include: reduce overcrowding, create more affordable housing; create more market-rate housing; create more diverse housing types, ( i.e. rental units. condos, townhouses); improve maintenance of buildings.”  Other survey questions range from, “What types of businesses would you like to see in Sleepy Hollow that aren’t here now?” and “What are your top priorities for improvements downtown?” to “How do you or how would you like to use the Sleepy Hollow waterfront?”

The Village emphasizes that no personal information will be collected, and the results will be presented in summary form only.  The survey is online in both English and Spanish until midnight, October 12, and can be reached directly at

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