Sleepy Hollow Fire Leaves 27 Homeless

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The bitter chill of a March afternoon on Barnhart Avenue in Sleepy Hollow was pierced by heavy flames and thick smoke on Friday, the 8th, as a rooming house succumbed to a blaze whose cause has yet to be determined. No one died, though one police officer was briefly hospitalized for smoke inhalation. Twenty-seven occupants were left homeless.

The fire, on a side street near the base of the village’s main street, Beekman Avenue, was reported at 2:20pm, drawing Sleepy Hollow firefighters into a two-hour fight to save the building—a fight that ultimately proved unsuccessful. A torrent of water poured over the flames was not enough to save it.

Volunteers from the Red Cross set up a reception center at the nearby James Galgano Senior Center where food, clothing and counseling were made available to the victims.

The building was completely destroyed but no one died.
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