Six Candidates Vying for Three Seats on Sleepy Hollow Village Board

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Democratic and Responsive Government Party slate: Mary Carroll Linder, Karin Wompa, Bruce Campbell and Jose Chevere.
Democratic and Responsive Government Party slate: Mary Carroll Linder, Karin Wompa, Bruce Campbell and Jose Chevere.

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Two incumbents are among the six candidates vying for three available seats on the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees on March 18.

Running on the newly formed Unite Sleepy Hollow line with Mayor Ken Wray is Trustee Glenn Rosenbloom, who is seeking a second two-year term, John Leavy and Denise Scaglione, both residents of Philipse Manor.

Teaming up with trustee and mayoral hopeful Karin Wompa on the Democratic and Responsive Government Party lines is Trustee Bruce Campbell, who is seeking a fourth term, former trustee Jose Chevere and Mary Carroll Linder, a resident of Philipse Manor.

Rosenbloom, who spent 15 years at the Walt Disney Company as senior vice president, group publisher of consumer magazines, and has been a youth sports coach in the community for 20 years, formerly served as chairman of the village Planning Board before being elected trustee in 2013.

Unite Sleepy Hollow slate: Glenn Rosenbloom, Denise Scaglione, John Leavy and Ken Wray.
Unite Sleepy Hollow slate: Glenn Rosenbloom, Denise Scaglione, John Leavy and Ken Wray.

“I’ve tried to be a voice of a reason on the board in the midst of a difficult period,” Rosenbloom said. “I believe we have accomplished a great deal the last two years. It’s an exciting time for Sleepy Hollow given the Lighthouse Landing project which will generate a significant amount of revenue for the village and the school district. I want to do everything possible so that this project is a success for our residents and businesses as well as the developer.”

Leavy retired from the New York City Fire Department last June after 20 years of service. He is an active community volunteer and is treasurer of the Philipse Manor Beach Club.

“The current board needs to be changed; they are not working together as a team for the village,” Leavy said. “Simple decisions are becoming marred in partisan politics. Too many important decisions will need to be made on behalf of the people of our village. I feel I can bring a sense of practicality and sense to the board.”

Scaglione works as the office manager at Scarborough Presbyterian Children’s Center and works with both Wolfpack Youth Football and CYO. She said she decided to run for office after the brother of Trustee Jennifer Lobato-Church was not hired as a village police officer.

“The board’s ‘no’ vote was a real wakeup call for me to get involved. I couldn’t believe that someone of his caliber wasn’t hired. Something didn’t seem right,” she said. “I feel I have a lot to offer to the village as a trustee. I am a neighbor and a mom who is committed to raising my children here, and I can bring a positive outlook and a fresh perspective to the board. It’s important that decisions be made with a common sense approach.”

On the Democratic ticket, Campbell teaches film and television at Dobbs Ferry High School and Manhattanville College and was formerly a writer and producer for CBS News. He said he has never received an explanation from Mayor Ken Wray why the mayor tried to block him from running on the Democratic ticket two years ago.

“I don’t know why Ken turned his back on me. Ken is a guy who takes disagreement as opposition. That’s not a good thing in a leader or as a mayor,” Campbell said. “I think this is a crucial time for Sleepy Hollow. Development on the GM site is ready to begin. I have the experience to make sure that it’s done properly. It’s not a time to learn on the job. We want to be on top of this development as much as we need to be.”

Chevere is a 42-year resident of Sleepy Hollow. He has worked for the Westchester County Department of Corrections for more than 25 years and is retired from the Air Force where he served three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served on the Board of Trustees from 1996 to 1998.

“With the GM development appearing to be a reality more than ever, it is important that the village be prepared for the challenges ahead,” he said. “If elected, I would like to work with the village board to help improve our downtown district and also be a cultural bridge to a community that has been underrepresented on the village board.”

Linder worked as a corporate communications executive for several Fortune 100 companies. She is a member of the Philipse Manor Improvement Association, the Philipse Manor Garden Club and the Hudson Valley Writers Center.

“As a trustee, I hope to bring a new look at our critical issues and apply the many lessons I’ve learned working in many countries and several industries,” she said. “It’s great to be a new face, but it’s even greater to bring a wealth of experience along with me that I hope will contribute to moving Sleepy Hollow forward to realize its amazing potential.”

Incumbent Trustee Evelyn Stupel decided not to seek reelection after serving four years on the board.

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