SH Trustees Consider Restaurant, Pool at River’s Edge

 -  14

|  by Elaine Marranzano  |

Sleepy Hollow is considering allowing the addition of a restaurant and a private swimming pool at the new River’s Edge condominium complex nearing completion at the bottom of Beekman Avenue.

Neither the restaurant nor the pool was in the original special permit for the 60-unit, 60-foot-high building on the former Castle Oil site. A stop work order was issued in April when the Sleepy Hollow Building Department discovered work had already begun on these amenities without proper authorization.  The developer, Joseph Cotter, president of National ReSources, who is also building Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown, is now seeking permission to add the pool and expand what was originally intended to be a food kiosk into a full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating abutting the public RiverWalk.

Cotter told trustees at a public hearing that the amenities are “in line with the kind of young health-oriented clientele we hope to attract.” Use of the pool, described as a “lap pool,” will be restricted to residents, while the restaurant will be open to the public.

River’s Edge sits on the Hudson River between Ichabod’s Landing in Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Harbor development in Tarrytown. Two residents spoke up in support of the project as a way of attracting people to the waterfront, but expressed concerns about possible noise.

“We need some way of closing the RiverWalk after hours,” said Paul Viboch, an Ichabod’s Landing resident who said it is “already a burden” to summon police to remove noisy people who congregate at the gazebo.

Cotter agreed saying, “We are not trying to create a nightclub here.”

Lease negotiations are underway with the Farmer and the Fish, a restaurant in North Salem which serves casual seafood and craft beers, according to Cotter.

The trustees spoke in favor of the project, but questioned if adequate parking would be available for restaurant patrons.

“I would love to see this happen,” said Mayor Ken Wray, “but we really have to get this right in terms of the parking requirements.”

The board adjourned the public hearing pending a recommendation from the Planning Board and receipt of the requested parking information.

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