School of Esthetics Relocates to White Plains

 -  11

by Linda Viertel

After a successful 12-year stay at 15 North Broadway in Tarrytown, the New York School of Esthetics has left its iconic corner location and moved – not far away- to 239 Central Avenue in White Plains. The new location, just below 119, will provide the school with increased clientele parking, enhanced clinic and spa treatment spaces, and the opportunity for students and teachers to interact in state of the art classrooms, treatment rooms and administrative offices all on one floor.

Opening January 4, the School will be providing the same high quality service for customers, continuing the policy of four treatments, and the fifth being free. Two private spa rooms, 5 updated spa beds in the clinic, and new equipment are three of the many reasons this family- run business decided to make the move. Owners Deirdre Sheeran, director, and her daughter Kathleen Cassidy, assistant director, made it their mission long ago to “to provide a professional environment where the student learns the theory and principals (hands-on) in Esthetics. We will prepare all students for their New York State Esthetic Written and Practical Board Exams.” To that end, they have provided a consistent and thorough emphasis on educating their students under the direction of a licensed New York State Esthetics instructor.

Day spa clientele can be assured that their professional skin and body treatments will continue to be administered by the highest caliber and best trained esthetics students, with hands on guidance by astute mentors. A Dermalogica Partnership School, in addition to basic facials, the school will be offering waxing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, teeth whitening, and body treatments.

Approximately 60 students are enrolled in the school’s day and night programs, where they will gain 600 certification hours before graduation. Seeking to be highly trained estheticians, they come from Manhattan, Rockland and Westchester Counties as well as Connecticut. Of special interest is the laser program offering, as instructor Juliana Brady explained, “The laser program is what draws a lot of students to our school. It is so needed in the industry. Other laser programs we feel aren’t as strong as ours and the cost is much greater. We teach the entire physics and theory behind how laser works and how it reacts with the skin depending on the skin type and condition being treated. As well as hands-on practice.”

An additional 1,000 square feet of space has allowed the New York School of Esthetics to grow its program in an industry that is constantly changing. Class size, however, has been maintained, and teachers continue to get 12 hours of continuing education, as required by the state. In fact, all teachers at the School seem to surpass that minimum requirement.

When fully licensed by the Department of State, the newly relocated New York School of Esthetics will be open for business. Transferring clients’ first facial in the new location will cost only $5. So, whether you are a returning customer or new to the experience of treating yourself to the pleasure and relaxation facial and body treatments afford, a trip to 239 Central Avenue will be the best way to start 2016.

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