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School Budgets Approved in Local Districts

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May 19, 2021

By Brianna Staudt and Rick Pezzullo

Voters overwhelmingly approved the 2021-22 school budgets yesterday proposed by Dobbs Ferry public schools, Irvington public schools, the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns and Pocantico Hills.

All board of education (BOE) trustee candidates on the ballots in these districts won their races. In each district, the number of candidates matched the number of open seats.

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In the Tarrytowns, voters also approved propositions to purchase replacement school buses and vehicles and expand transportation eligibility for students in grades 3–5, which made an additional 250 or so students eligible for bussing at an estimated annual cost of about $150,000.

Here are the results by school district:

Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District Budget Vote and BOE Trustee election results

2021-22 School District Budget

Yes: 445

No: 142


Trustees for Board of Education

Brooke Bass*: 494

Penny Sullivan-Nunes*: 488


 Irvington Union Free School District Budget Vote and BOE Trustee election results


2021-22 School District Budget

Yes: 569

No: 159


Trustees for Board of Education

Beth Propper*: 628

Susan Brunenavs*: 622

(Trustee Michael Hanna did not seek reelection)


Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns District Budget Vote and BOE Trustee election results


2021-22 School District Budget

District 1 – Sleepy Hollow

Yes: 172

No: 48


District 2 – Tarrytown

Yes: 331

No: 79



Yes: 503

No: 127


Proposition 2: Replacement of School Buses and Vehicles

District 1 – Sleepy Hollow

Yes: 164

No: 55


District 2 – Tarrytown

Yes: 307

No: 102



Yes: 471

No: 157


Proposition 3: Authorization to Adjust Transportation Mileage Limit for Grades 3–5

District 1 – Sleepy Hollow

Yes: 163

No: 55


District 2 – Tarrytown

Yes: 300

No: 109



Yes: 463

No: 164


Trustees for Board of Education

District 1 – Sleepy Hollow

Michelle DeFilippis: 178

Cecelia Gordon: 175

Krista Barron: 174

Write-in: 4


District 2 – Tarrytown

Krista Barron: 339

Michelle DeFilippis: 338

Cecelia Gordon: 334

Write-in: 11



Michelle DeFilippis*: 516

Krista Barron*: 513

Cecelia Gordon*: 509

Write-in: 15




Pocantico Hills Central School District


2021-22 School District Budget:

Yes: 116

No: 25


Proposition 2: $1.5M Roof Reconstruction

Yes: 122

No: 19


Proposition 3: $7.25M Renovation to District Facilities

Yes: 116

No: 25


Proposition 4: $10M Capital Reserve

Yes: 115

No: 26


Trustees for Board of Education:

Brian Geary*: 113 (elected to three-year term)

Charlie Minton*: 86 (elected to one-year term)

*Won BOE trustee race

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