Residents Invited to Help Plan Tarrytown’s Sesquicentennial

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The year was 1870.  Ulysses S. Grant was President.  The country was recovering from the Civil War and had recently passed the 15th Amendment prohibiting state and federal governments from denying the right to vote based on race.    New York City’s first subway – only a block long with one car -was opened to the public. John D. Rockefeller had just founded the Standard Oil Company and William Lions of Connecticut had patented the “can opener.” And on Dec 9, 1870 the Village of Tarrytown, NY was incorporated.

As Tarrytown celebrates its 150th Anniversary or “sesquicentennial,” the Village is creating a committee tasked with planning Special Events scheduled throughout the year and culminating at the 2020 Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Residents with background in the local business community; local art community; local history community; local school community; local recreation community; or folks who just love Tarrytown are encouraged to participate.

Ideas on how to commemorate this important milestone include the design of banners celebrating the 150th anniversary; A time capsule buried at the library or other Village Property; the creation of a float to represent 150 years of Tarrytown history for the Halloween parade; and a fundraiser for a bandshell in Patriots Park.  But local government is interested in everyone’s ideas for additional events

“One of my favorite ideas is launching a competition to update the Village’s seal,” Karen Brown, one of the Village Trustees shared. She is tasked with coordinating the event along with Village staff. She added, “The Tarrytown Village seal is a hand-drawn rendering of the capture of Major Andre.  That event certainly is an important part of Tarrytown’s history and perhaps it remains the best image for our seal. n that case, we can at least update the graphic. However, 150 years later, Tarrytown is so much more.  It is the gateway to Westchester, a hub of history, science, culture and diversity.  Maybe there is an image that could capture that spirit.”

Members of the public who are interested in volunteering for the 150the Anniversary Committee should email a letter of interest to administrator@tarrytowngov.com no later than January 31, 2020. Any questions regarding the committee can be directed to Village Administrator Richard Slingerland, or Assistant Village Administrator Josh Ringel at (914) 631-1785 or email administrator@tarrytowngov.com.

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