Remembering Morey Storck: 1932-2019

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Morey Storck, Vice President of The Hudson Independent’s parent company, Hudson Valley News Corporation, a member of this newspaper’s Editorial Board, and a regular contributor of arts and entertainment articles to its pages, died January 18 following a long illness. He was 86.

One of the founders of the newspaper in 2005, Storck’s knowledge and passion for the theater were evident in the many reviews and stories he wrote over the years about theatrical productions in Westchester. He and his wife, Nancy, were also frequent Broadway theater-goers.

“Morey’s interest in helping to launch The Hudson Independent 14 years ago was motivated by what he saw as the need for fair and impartial coverage of local politics and community events, as well as a newspaper which adhered overall to high journalism standards,” said Robert Kimmel, who was the newspaper’s first Editorial Board Chairman and corporate president. “He was steadfast in that belief.”

While at Cornell University, Storck’s theatrical ambitions became a focus of his extracurricular activities, as he wrote, directed and acted in a number of productions.  Following his graduation, he volunteered for the draft, and was inducted into the Army. He became active in Special Services, and when his Third Army unit was transferred to Germany, he staged plays, and several musical reviews, engaging officers and their wives and enlisted personnel to participate in the productions. The shows toured several U.S. military bases in Germany.

His career took a turn following his military service. He became an assistant buyer for men’s clothing at Stern’s Department Stores and then a buyer for men’s clothing at specialty shops. When visiting many retail stores with the goal of starting his own business, he found their most urgent need was proper advertising. That led to his successful clothing advertising business lasting several decades.

After retiring, and when he and his wife moved from Irvington to the Edgemont at Tarrytown Condominium, Storck’s penchant for the theater led to his forming a group at the condo, called the Curtain Call Players. He also started a condo newspaper, The Echo. With Storck at its helm, the Curtain Call Players was engaged in numerous performances to entertain the condo residents and their friends.

When he retired as an Edgemont Condo Board member and its Secretary and Social Chairman five years ago, one musical associate at the Condo, Maddy Simon said, “No one has worked more tirelessly to bring entertainment and comradeship to the residents of Edgemont…a testament to Morey’s creativity.” He drew similar praise from many others.

Storck was also a member of the Tarrytown Communications Committee when it was active. He was born in New Rochelle and spent most of his public school years in Mount Vernon. He is survived by Nancy, his devoted wife of 65 years; a daughter, Janet; a son, Peter, their spouses, and two grandchildren, Sonia Storck and Charlie Storck, and a sister Sheila Lipin.

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