Public Workshop to Describe How Solar Panels Work

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The public is invited to get a close-up look at solar panel technology at a workshop, Sunday, December 6, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at the Tarrytown Neighborhood House, 43 Wildey Street. Organized by Solarize Tarrytown and the Village, the event will offer attendees a demonstration of how a solar panel works, and how it could be adapted for their particular roofs.

Solarize Tarrytown was formed as “…a unique discount buying program that uses a tiered-pricing structure, town-supported education and outreach and one competitively selected installer to dramatically reduce the cost of solar.” It is based on the concept that, “The more residents sign up for Solarize Tarrytown, the more the cost comes down.”

The installer chosen by Solarize Tarrytown, Sunrun, will have a solar panel at the event, and describe how it is made, what it is made of, and the ways it can be mounted on roofs. The function of another device used in solar installations, a microinverter, will also be shown; a description explaining microinverters will include how it connects and where it is mounted.

The workshop, described as “a real hands-on event,” is designed to make attendees familiar with what exactly happens if they decide to have a solar installation. They will be able to work out how the installation might look and what considerations there might be for their particular roof. The experts will answer questions about code requirements and building permits. They can also learn about the financing options that could achieve as much as 30% savings on electric bills, with no money down, according to Solarize Tarrytown.

This workshop is one of a series arranged by Solarize Tarrytown and sponsored by the Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council (TEAC) for the Village of Tarrytown.

Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell described the Solarize Tarrytown campaign as “…one of those rare opportunities to both do well and do good at the same time. How often do we get the chance to both save money and help the environment?” The Mayor added that, “To make things even better, the Solarize campaign will enable Tarrytown residents and businesses to both tap into expert advice that is otherwise unavailable and to gain the substantial financial benefits provided by group purchasing.”

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