Born on the GMC Bridge – Falcons!

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by Robert Kimmel

Four yet-to-be-named, recently hatched baby Pere­grine Fal­cons exist in a nest box high atop the Gov­er­nor Mario Cuomo Bridge, 419 feet above the Hud­son River. The neona­tal apart­ment is cour­tesy of the New York State Thruway Au­thor­ity, as is the we­b­cam that is re­cord­ing their every move. You can watch them eat, grow and even­tu­ally fly away at https://​www.newny­​pere­grine-fal­cons/.

The chicks are the subject of a Thruway Authority Falcon Naming Contest in which numerous suggested names for them have been submitted by local elementary and middle school students.  The proposed names will be posted on an Authority website so the public may vote for the four names they prefer.  The Hudson Independent will keep readers updated on the selections.   

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